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We brought the 2018 CBC season to a close this past weekend on Lake Wylie with 207 teams entered! Anglers from Va, West Va, NC aand SC competed! We want to give thanks to Visit York County and the great people at Ebenezer park for hosting our event!

The CBC is known for outstanding payback and at Lake Wylie the cash was flowing freely! We had 207 entries which totaledup to $41,400.00 and we paid back a total of $106,900.00!

Scott Hamrick & Roger Hoover weighed in 10 bass at 26.38 lbs to take 1st Place and $50,000.00 at the 2018 CBC Classic on Lake Wylie on a very tough weekend to be on the water! Scott reported they caught their fish shallow on chatterbaits and crankbaits!

Jody Wright & James Dyer claimed 2nd with 10 bass weighing 26.06 lbs! They stashed away a cool $10,000.00!

3rd went to Chris Baumgardner & Glenn Sparrow with another 10 bass limit weighing up at 25.91 lbs and took home $5,000.00!

Wesley Cashwell & Shane Doughtie finished 4th with 25.35 lbs and claimed the 1st Skeeter BONUS of $4,000.00! Add in their $3000.00 4th Place money and they earned $7,000.00!

Our 2nd Place Skeeter BONUS winners were Keith Porter & Tony Price with a 2 day total of 23.93 lbs! They also weighed in the BF of the Classic at 5.16 lbs! Their Skeeter BONUS was $3,000.00 and their total winnings was $6,000.00!

The 3rd Skeeter BONUS worth $2,000.00 went to Stacey Richards & Brian Triplett with 9 bass weighing 23.61 lbs! Stacey & Brian took home a total of $3,350.00!

Our Last Skeeter BONUS Place of $1,000.00 went to Steve Sink and Tony Foster with 10 bass weighing 22.69 lbs. They collected a total of $1,900.00!

We also gave away a $1,000.00 by draw to Dwight & Bradford Beavers!

Kiel Kelly & Chuck Whitaker also by draw will have their choice of boat number at either the 2019 Foothills Marine Division or the Marshalls Marine Division,

We paid back a total of 34 places! Thanks for fishing with us and see you next year!


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