Next Old North CATT is June 8 at Kerr Lake! The Old North Points Race is tight! Next year we will go back to a 7 Qualifier format at the Old North! The Old North Points Winners will receivee free entry to all 2020 Old North Qualifiers which is a $1,120.00 value!

Scott Smith & Tony Woodard weigh in a heavy 5 bass limit weighing up at 28.12 lbs! Add in the BF at 7.43 lbs and they took home $2,717.00!

Mikey Marchant & Bradley Mclaurin 2nd with 23.57 lbs!

Brian West & Jonathan Holloway 3rd with 22.79 lbs!

 Todd Sumner & Chuck Bolton 4th 22.53 lbs!

Chase & Tony Stanley 5th 20.86 lbs!

32 TeamsFishWeightWinningsPoints
Scott Smith / Tony Woodard7.4328.12$2,717.00110
Bradley McLaurin / Mikey Marchant6.5723.57$825.00109
Jonathan Holloway / Brian West6.3822.79$855.00108
Todd Sumner / Chuck Bolton5.9722.53$465.00107
Tony & Chase Stanley6.7920.86$318.00106
Cody Amen / Colin Ford4.9520.71$175.00105
Tom Saywell / Bradd Carrao6.0420.47104
Rick Dunstan / Josh Huff4.7618.57103
Jeff Shaw / James Richmond5.9417.67102
Tommy Marrow / Dennis Reedy4.7716.62101
Jeff Brown / Ron  Johnson4.5316.26100
Rich Z / Jamie Olive4.0715.6699
Charles Stewart / Matt Dean5.2915.2698
Todd Staker / Scott Woodson3.5015.2497
Chad Craven / Ben Cannon3.6514.8596
Alec & Richard Lower4.4214.6795
Keith & Dennis Allen5.7714.2794
Johnny & William Howard5.6314.0093
John McClland / Eric Schell4.4913.3292
Richard & Hunter Petty3.6512.7991
Jordan & Mark Young2.7411.0490
Mark Antonelli / Chris Inscoe0.009.0189
Mike Cole / Vinson Nettles0.008.9288
Terry Gibbons / Ronnie Thompson4.088.1987
Tery Amen0.007.2386
Randy Black / Mikey Anderson0.005.7585
Kyle Romhor / Tim Cantwell0.001.7884
Jeremy Sabo0.000.0083
Eric Stainback0.000.0083
Trevor Hulmam0.000.0083
Mike White0.000.0083
Zack Davenport  / Wesley Tucker0.000.0083
Total Entrys$5,120.00
BONUS $$1,020.00
Total Paid At Ramp$5,355.00
Old North 2019 Spring Final Fund$490.00
2019 CATT Championship Fund$50.00
2019 Old North Spring Final Fund Total$3,150.00
2019 CATT Championship Fund Total$5,565.00


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