Scott Williams & Robbie English Win CATT Lake Wateree Open Feb 9,2019


CATT Lake Wateree Open Results Feb 9, 2019 Williams & English Take the 1st Open with 19.19 lbs!

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The Next Wateree Open is Feb 23rd at Clearwater $100 entry Optional $25 Side Pot!

Must enter 6 Opens to be eligible to enter the Open Final

Enter 10 Opens and fish the Open Final Free

Safe Daylight – Weigh in Determined at Ramp

$100 Entry    Optional $25 side pot at each event!

Lews Product awarded at Final! 

1st Points       Fish 2020 Wateree Opens Free      

2nd Points      $550         3rd Points      $350                                                                     

4th Points      $250          5th Points      $200

6th Points      $150

A cold and windy day made for some tough fishing but a few of the teams figured em out! Wateree bass look to be fat and happy! Water temp was as high as 53 in some creeks and bait fish are in huge balls. If you’re a Striper fisherman as well as a bass fisherman you can have some great days on Wateree chasing Stripers in the next couple of weeks!

Scott Williams & Robbie English win the 1st 2019 Wateree Open with 5 bass weighing 19.19 lbs! $600.00 1st Place & $475.00 BONUS $ $1,075.00 Total!

2nd went to Shane Cantley & Michael Richardson with 18.00 lbs!

Ronnie Craps & Scott Peavy took 3rd with 17.94 lbs!

4th Jared Upchurch & Jason Byrd 15.33 lbs!

5th Rob Blackmon & Matt Nettles

1st BF David Land David F Canupp 5.84 lbs!

2nd BF Ella Keltner & Jacob Norris 5.73 lbs!

22 TeamsFishWeightWinningsPoints
Scott Williams – Robbie English5.0119.19$1,075.00110
Shane Cantley – Michael Richardson5.2018.00$330.00109
Scott Peavy – Ronnie Crapps4.4317.94$175.00108
Jared Upchurch – Jason Byrd4.0215.33$130.00107
Matt Nettles – Rob Blackmon4.6313.63106
Jacob Norris – Ella Keltner5.7313.18$63.00105
Craig Haven – Paul Haven3.9012.78104
Sam Dowey – Tommy Moak0.0010.53103
Butch Williams – Sonny Beam0.0010.48102
Alan Fletcher – Donald Hinson **3.117.32101
Chase Mount – Caden Bramlett3.256.10100
David Canupp & David Canupp5.845.84$147.0099
Scott Floyd – Greg Corvin3.383.3898
Brad Petway – Brett Collins0.000.0097
Hunter Williams – Dylon Cox0.000.0097
Chad Gainey – Mack Kitchens0.000.0097
Max Price – Brent Neal0.000.0097
Thomas Richmond0.000.0097
Jeff Reynolds – Scott Robinson0.000.0097
Jerry Freezon – Kareem White0.000.0097
Jason Bateman – Steve Phillips0.000.0097
Jimmy McFarland – Calvin Griggs0.000.0097
2019 Wateree Open Final Fund$315.00
2019 Wateree Open Final Fund Total$315.00
2019 Wateree Open Point Fund$100.00
**2018 Point Winners Free Entry
2019 Pt Winners Receive Free Entry 2019
Teams 2-6 In Points Receive $$


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