The fishing is improving at Wateree and as we get into march it should get even better! We had 5 bass over 6 lbs weighed in this past Saturday! Next Wateree CATT is March 10th and is a GOLD!

Shane Cantley & Michael Richardson brought in 5 bass weighing 20.44 lbs good enough for 1st Place and the BONUS $. They took home a total of $1,215.00!

Mike King & Chris Crawford took 2nd with 5 bass weighing 19.67 lbs and they collected $360.00!

Craig & Tim Haven claimed 3rd with a limit weighing 19.42 lbs and they received $260.00!

4th was Jerry Freezon with 17.95 lbs $140.00!

5th Butch & David Ethridge 17.92 lbs $110.00

Larry Hasting 17.20 lbs with the 2nd BF of 6.38 lbs $193.00!

1st BF went to Cleve Yarborough & Kyle McElveen with a 6.53 lbs bass worth $217.00! PLUS they took home a $25 Academy Sports Gift Card!

  Big  Total  
1Shane Cantley – Michael Richardson   BONUS $6.0920.44$1,215.00110
2Mike King – Chris Crawford5.1219.67$360.00109
3Craig Haven – Tim Haven6.0719.42$260.00107
4Jerry Freezon4.6017.95$140.00108
5Butch Williams – David Ethridge5.2817.92$110.00106
6Larry Hastings     2nd BF6.3817.20$193.00105
7Max Price – Hunter Denton3.4817.11104
8Bob Weaver – Scott Floyd4.6016.32103
9Jacob Norris – Jeff Norris4.2016.30102
10Scott Williams – Robbie English4.6215.56101
11Mike Ware – Bryan Holmes5.8314.93100
12Dean Benfield – Keith Hargett3.4514.5199
13Bobby Purvis – Matt Ross4.0814.3898
14Trent McLaughlin – Brett Neal3.9314.1597
15Sam Dowey – Tommy Moak3.7713.8996
16Cleve Yarborough – Kyle McElveen  1st BF6.5313.76$217.0095
17Jimmy McFarland – Calvin Griggs4.7913.3594
18Ryan Aaron – Scott Perrin3.0413.3393
19Daryl Watson – Ken McFarland3.8013.1192
20Tony Truett – Mark Healon2.8712.4392
21Chad Gainey – Zach Gainey4.2011.0291
22Donald Wells – Paul Wells2.7810.0890
23Lewis Thompson – Tripp Poplin4.068.3889
24Andrew Boykin0.006.9188
25David F Canupp & David L Canupp0.000.0087
26Matt Nettles – Pat Clark0.000.0087
27Greg Sigmon0.000.0087
28Randall Bock – Josh McCaskill0.000.0087
29Logan McDaniels- Dustin Snipes0.000.0087
30Greg Nettles – Paul Wilkins0.000.0087
31Wesley & Cole Jackson0.000.0087
Total Entrys$2,480.00
BONUS $$540.00
Total Paid At Ramp$2,495.00
Wateree 2018 Spring Final Fund$475.00
2018 CATT Championship Fund$50.00
2018 Wateree Spring Final Fund Total$855.00
2018  CATT Championship Fund Total$2,800.00

Chris Crawford & Mike King

Tim & Craig Haven


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