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Next up on Lake Wateree is the Spring Final April 14th at Clearwater Cove Marina! 66 teams are eligible to enter!

Shane Cantley & Michael Richardson took 1st Place this past Saturday with a limit weighing 15.29 lbs and they weighed in the 1st BF at 6.24 lbs! Add in the BONUS $ and they took home $1,694.00! PLUS they also received an Academy Gift Card!


Craig Haven & Tim Haven took 2nd with another limit weighing 14.88 lbs! They took home $500.00!

Matt Ross & Bobby Purvis finished 3rd with 5 bass weighing 14.71 lbs worth $225.00!

Last Money paying place went to Donald & Paul Wells with 14.11 lbs and they took home $150.00!

22 BoatsBig  Total  
Shane Cantley – Michael Richardson  BONUS $ & 1st BF6.2415.29$1,694.00220
Craig Haven – Tim Haven5.0314.88$500.00218
Bobby Purvis – Matt Ross3.8214.71$225.00216
Donald Wells – Paul Wells3.7214.11$150.00214
David F Canupp – David L Canupp3.9213.81212
Mike King – Chris Crawford2.9913.65210
Chad Gainey – Todd Butler4.0413.33208
Phillip Anderson – Andy Lake3.2913.21206
Butch Williams – Sonny Beam3.2212.09204
Dean Benfield – Keith Hargett2.9012.02202
Mark Healon – Tony Truett3.7011.51200
Jerry Freezon                                 2nd BF5.419.55$66.00198
Bubba Jackson – Wesley Jackson2.668.52196
Bob Weaver – Scott Floyd2.965.03194
Mike Ware – Bryan Holmes0.000.00192
Lee Royson – Jeff Reynolds0.000.00192
Timmy & River Squires0.000.00192
Brent Neal – Lassy Taylor0.000.00192
Clint Hunter – Daniel Jones0.000.00192
Greg Sigmon – Jeff Sigge0.000.00192
Johnny Player – John Gardenhire0.000.00192
Taner Fletcher – Kateland0.000.00192
Total Entrys  $2,640.00 
BONUS $  $440.00 
Total Paid At Ramp  $2,635.00 
Wateree 2018 Spring Final Fund  $390.00 
2018 CATT Championship Fund  $55.00 
2018 Wateree Spring Final Fund Total  $2,510.00 
2018  CATT Championship Fund Total  $3,890.00 


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