Shawn Hammock & Larry Freeman Win CATT Tidewater Chowan River April 14,2019 with 21.05lbs


Tournament Results Tidewater Chowan River, NC April 14, 2019 Shawn Hammock & Larry Freeman Whack Em! 21.05 lbs Worth $1,005.00!

Next Tidewater CATT is April 27 at North River Landing – Pungo Ferry! Tell your friends and lets build up the Tidewater Division!

Remember guys the CATT Championship is coming in June!

2019 Academy CATT Championship June 1-2 Kerr Lake!

$10,000.00 1st Place GUARANTEED!

(Stay Tuned – 1st Place $$ May be Increased!)

New Nutbush Ramp – Kerr State Park!

A team or solo angler must fish 3 CATT events to Qualify!

You can get in your 3 events by fishing any CATT Fall 2018 and CATT Spring 2019!

Qualifying is simple!

Enter 1 CATT event as a team – Entering solo or with a Sub also counts toward your teams Championship Qualification!

The 3 events do not have to be in the same CATT Trail!

$200 Per Team Entry

Optional Platinum BONUS $100

Optional BONUS $50

Shawn Hammock & Larry Freeman laid it to the rest of the field with 5 bass weighing 21.03 lbs wth a BF at 6.03 lbs! They took home $1,005.00!

Bobby & Dawson Dunlow grabbed 2nd with 16.02 lbs!

Powell Kemp & Mike Chlomodis finished 3rd with 15.12 lbs and a BF at 7.12 lbs!

Clay Powers with some good ones!

Joe Glazebrook & Mike Evans looking good!

Jonathan Cobb with a couple of nice Chowan River Bass!

15 TeamsFishWeightWinningsPoints
Shawn Hammock – Larry Freeman6.0821.03$1,005.00110
Bobby Dunlow – Dawson Dunlow3.0116.02$350.00109
Powell Kemp – Mike Chlomodis7.1215.12$165.00108
Jeremy Gatewood – Jarred Allbritten0.0012.10107
Clay Powers0.0012.09106
Joe Glazebrook – Mike Evans0.0012.02105
Ronnie Ketchum – Benny Hendricks0.0010.09104
David Dozier – Richard Hall0.009.08103
Russell Gammon – John Lane0.009.07102
Ken Kipler – Shawn Dunlap0.008.01101
Jonathan Cobb – Joe Cobb3.086.14100
Larry Barefoot – Charles Small0.006.0199
Stacy Light – Mike Askew0.000.0098
Jeff Hayden – Benny Cannon0.000.0098
Matt Jennings – Mark London0.000.0098
Total Entrys$1,800.00
BONUS $$125.00
Total Paid At Ramp$1,520.00
2019 Tidewater Final Fund$330.00
2019 CATT Championship Fund$75.00
2019 Tidewater Final Fund Total$830.00
2019 CATT Championship Fund Total$4,890.00


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