Next up on the Waccamaw River is the Fall Final Dec 4th a Bucksport! What a year we’ve had on the Waccamaw River!

Chris Jones & Ed Owens win the Fall Waccamaw River Points and will fish the Final Free!

Shawn Todd & Keaton Harrelson win at the Waccamaw River with 5 bass weighing 13.31 lbs!

Ed Owens & Chris Jones finished 2nd with 12.67 lbs!

Charles Fryer took 3rd with 12.41 lbs!

Ray Inman with the BF!

Shawn Todd & Keaton Harrelson3.0313.31$600.00110
Chris Jones & Ed Owens3.3012.67
Charles Fryer3.7712.41
Dalton Warren & Robby Boyd2.7012.17$130.00107
John Wiloks & Ben Harmon
Mark Johnson & Gary Pope3.0811.85105
Cody Squirers & Dillon Thompkins3.7411.81104
Casey Warren & Nick Anderson3.2811.75103
Danny Martin3.1811.46102
Ray Inman4.4611.43$203.00101
Scott McCellan2.8311.43100
Jacob Barfield & Noah Jones2.7611.4099
RD Prince & Anthony Lee2.7011.0998
Wesley Howell & Johnny Johnson3.3010.9597
Mike Gerald & Jesse Norris2.4410.4096
Eric Cox & Robby Byrum2.1310.1195
Andrew Vereen & Stephen Smith2.509.9694
Darren Cook & Peter Horne0.009.4693
Reid McDowell2.539.3992
Ryan Thompson & Joe Ferralasco0.009.3391
Rickey wood sr & Rickey Wood jr2.009.2290
Matthew & Terry Goheen0.009.2289
OJoe Gabella & Lee Floyd2.998.4688
Jesse Harrold & Chris Deaustin0.007.0987
Timmy Squirers0.000.0077
Benny Carter0.000.0077
Charlie Holmes & Kaleb Gerald0.000.0077
JD Farrand & Casey Stamey0.000.0077
Andy & Branson Howell0.000.0077
Total Entrys$2,320.00
BONUS $$600.00
Total Paid At Ramp$2,330.00
Waccamaw River 2021 Fall Final Fund$490.00
2021 CATT Championship Fund$50.00
2021 Waccamaw River Fall Final Fund Total$1,790.00


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