September 2021
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Boat traffic and the hot weather have caused the fishing to be slow. The water temperature is still in the mid- to upper 80s. Early morning and night are the best times to fish this month. Later in September as water temperatures start to cool, fishing will improve.

Largemouth bass
Fishing will be good this month. Best lures will be drop shots, Ned rigs, senkoes, plastic worms, Carolina rigs and top water. Most largemouth bass will be be caught on points, brush piles and ledges. Bass will move to shallow water toward the end of the month as the baitfish move into the creeks and coves. Good areas to try will be docks, secondary points, rock piles, brush piles and fallen trees. Anglers should practice catch and release.

Smallmouth bass
Fishing will be fair this month. The best areas will be main and secondary points, deep rock, deep docks, humps and ledges. The best lures will be top water, crankbaits, drop shot rigs, spy bait, Ned rigs and shaky heads. Best depth will be from the surface to 25 feet. The best times will be cloudy days and at night.

Striped bass
Fishing should improve this month. The best areas will be from the mid-sections of both rivers to the dam area. The best lures will be Zoom flukes fished on ½- to ¾-ounce leadheads, swimbaits, top water and live bait on down lines and planer boards. Vertical jigging will work best this month. Some fish should start to surface this month. Night fishing will continue to be poor.

Fishing for crappie will be better this month. The best depths will be 10 to 20 feet. The best areas will be in the upper section of both rivers and the main creeks around docks, fallen trees and brush piles. The best lures will be small minnows and 1½- to 2-inch shad-shaped plastic tubes fished on 1/32- to 1/16-ounce lead heads.

Tips of the month
Later this month baitfish will start to migrate to the creeks and upper parts of both rivers. Fish should start to feed better during the day later this month. Wear a life jacket and never fish alone at night. Make sure running lights are on after dark. Remember to practice catch and release, and take a kid fishing.