WLPCBS event #6 turned into the Austin Atkinson fundraiser on behalf of one of our own within the fishing family. There was much pride & many tears flowing yesterday as we stepped up as a fishing community to support the cause & set an all new single event (5hrs) fundraising total. Yes I believe this needs to lead this post, versus our finishing stats (not taking anything away form the actual tourney, just praise the class act of folks that fish these events regularly) this family of anglers left many speechless. We saw 18 teams register for the event, that began at 6am with an 11am weigh in.

At the scales we saw the following results: 1st place weight of 11.21 lbs. – Stephen & Bobby Campbell $914. 2nd place weigh of 10.57 lbs. & fishing solo- Dubby Carr $540, who also weighed the 2nd big fish of the event @ 4.26 lbs. and also doubles in these events as one of WLP’s solid top 5 sponsors! 3rd place weight of 9.59 lbs. went to the team of Scott Taylor & Chris Craft for $240, of which they DONATED right back to the fundraiser for Austin. A class act gentlemen Thank You and Well Done!! Our Big fish winner this week for $180 with a weight of 4.46 goes to Tyrone Guyse & Eddie Avila. Congratulations to all winners.

Huge shout out to Chuck @ Collins Construction Company Inc. for the new donation of season hardware for our winners, retro to the first event. We are blessed to have these folks wanting to be part of something special. Now to brag about what these 18 teams , bystanders and visitors did to raise our single day event funds of just over $1000.00. Yes you are reading correctly, one thousand dollars raised in a mere 6.5 hr. day. This truly tells its own story of this awesome fishing family that always come together for the cause when needed. WLP thanks everyone for the continued support and rising to the call for one of our own. We love you dearly…On a closing note WLP will be live Monday evening at 7:30 pm sharp to talk about the halfway point of the 2019 season, and news information etc. please join in with your questions or comments. See you soon ! Fritz & Gini Bucher Thank each of you for the amazing support!!


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