Steve Colger & Sammy Yates Win CATT James River Nov 29, 2020


Next up is the James River Fall Final Dec 13 out of Rockahock! You only had to enter 1 Fall Qualifier to be eligible to enter!

Roger & Renee Walters win the Fall Points and will fish the Final Free!

Steve Colger & Sammy Yates win with 17.31 lbs and BF at 5.92 lbs!

Steve Colger – Sammy Yates5.9217.31$614.00110
MikeGunn – Frank Pridemore5.0213.66$210.00109
Matt Kite – Chris McDaniel5.8313.11$151.00108
Roger & Renee Walters5.2112.68107
David Bivens – Clay Lewis0.0012.65106
William Clements – Jimmy Cornett0.009.81105
Mike Martinez – William Allen0.009.23104
Ray Hogge – Donnie Daniel0.008.39103
Charles Ramer – Paul Brock0.008.23102
Richard Griswold0.007.55101
Noah Williams – Dylan Gore0.005.89100
Steve Webb – Staey Casser0.005.6399
Mike & David Barlow0.005.6298
Scott Randall – Richard Bates0.004.9397
Avery Neely0.000.0096
Marshall Johnson-Ryan Lachniet0.000.0096
Tripp & Brent Mistr0.000.0096
Jay Teasley – P Jones0.000.0096
Total Entrys$1,440.00
BONUS $$0.00
Total Paid At Ramp$975.00
James River 2020 Fall Final Fund$365.00
2020 CATT Championship Fund$50.00
2020 James River Fall Final Fund Total$870.00
2020 CATT Championship Fund Total$415.00


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