Next James River CATT is August 7th at Osbourne!

Steve & Julie Colgin weighed in a limit of James River bass tipping the scales at 21.97 lbs taking 1st Place plus they brought in the BF of the day at 7.44 lbs! Add in the Caymas Cash award and the 1st BONUS $ and they collected $9,968.00!

Guy Fairweather & Jared Williams with a nice bag they put them way up in the money!

Evan Anderson and Bryan Keane with a nice bag!

Richard Bates & Scott Randal with their sack!

Steve Colgin – Julie Colgin7.4421.97$9,968.00110
Ray Hogge – Donnie Daniel0.0020.84$1,300.00109
Garrett Geouge – Mike Grogan0.0019.88$775.00108
Mike Rowe – James Rowe6.3619.44$675.00107
Guy Fairweather – Jared Williams0.0018.93$525.00106
Ryan Drewery – Wayne Drewery0.0017.92$450.00105
Howard Austin – Mark Austin5.2017.78$375.00104
Bryan Keane – Evan Anderson6.7617.61$350.00103
John Barnes7.1817.61$522.00102
Luke Carson – Darren Zoller6.3917.29$250.00101
Tripp Mistr – Brent Mistr0.0017.06$200.00100
Richard Bates – Scott Randall0.0016.98$175.0099
Dave Carney – Andy Bollhorst0.0016.96$160.0098
Paul Martin – Francis Martin0.0016.72$140.0097
Trey Goodman – Tim Chaffin0.0016.63$120.0096
Eddie Griggs – Eric Rowe0.0016.4195
Burley Langford – Brian Langford6.6916.2794
Anthony Williams – Jay Griffin0.0016.2693
Wesley Creasey – Charles Crowder0.0015.9892
Alex Woodruff – Tyler Shellman5.5215.8991
Chase Huffman – Harrison Baker0.0015.7090
Jeffrey Valentin – Daryl Moody5.9215.6589
Kelly Robinette – David Barlow3.9415.6388
Tommy Little – Jerry Heffler0.0015.5087
Rusty Alley – Dan Robinson0.0015.4386
Charles James – Conway0.0015.4085
Jeffery Bamko – Adam Weaver0.0015.3884
Jamie Nealy – Greg Ball0.0015.3583
Gary Schembs – Jared Jenkins0.0015.3282
Audie Murphy – Chris Dorman4.8214.7581
Jason Bishop – Jeff Hamilton0.0014.3080
Zacj Whitt – Larry Whitt0.0014.2279
Allen Williams – Brad Redden0.0014.1678
Linwood Shores0.0013.9277
Stacy Vasser – Preston s0.0013.8876
Rogers Walters – Renee Walters0.0013.7875
Richard Mistr – Tom Owens0.0013.7674
Avery Powelson – Brian Brooks0.0013.7573
Cory Donnavant – Kennon Ball5.5813.6172
Ben Kendrick – Nate Kendrick0.0013.5871
Joey Cooke – Justin Hall0.0013.4870
Blake Condrey – Merle Condrey0.0013.1069
RJ Davis – Jay Davis0.0013.0168
Walter Emerson -Brody Webb0.0012.9867
David Bivens – Clay Lewis0.0012.9266
Comer -Warren0.0012.5365
Barry Brandt Jr – Robert Brandt0.0012.1464
Ronald Slaughter – Landon Tucker0.0012.0663
Duane Hodge – Brad Colgin0.0011.7562
Wayne Andrews – Tim Tait5.2911.6961
Curtis Combs – CJ Combs0.0011.5660
Brian Snipes – Chris Cockrell0.0011.1459
Charles Ramer – Ernest Revels0.0010.5158
Marshall Johnson – Ryan Lachniet0.0010.4857
Chris Mcdaniel – Matt Kite0.0010.4356
Clyde Baldwin – Jeff Davis0.0010.3455
Jimmy Condrey – Cody Condrey0.009.1654
Mike Gibson -Rocky stone0.008.4953
BJ Boothe – Alex Richard0.008.2052
Jesse Kidd – Jake Kidd0.007.6051
Josh Durham – Aaron Durham0.007.4350
Steve Webb- Ricky Williams0.007.1749
James Tilley – Andy Walker0.006.3039
Michael Brannon – Jacob Compton0.000.0039
Todd Fisher – Matt Chisholm0.000.0039
Avery Neely – Chris Fiore0.000.0039
Benny Hendricks – Ronnie Ketchum0.000.0039
Nathaniel Kilgore0.000.0039
Keith Langford – Time Richmond0.000.0039
Donnie Meade – Travis Daniels0.000.0039
Zachery Bodsford – Ricky Bodsford0.000.0039
James Funk0.000.0039
Bubba Whitehurst  – Parker Hinks0.000.0039
Robert Sutton – Mark Adams0.000.0039
Walter Hill – Kevin King0.000.0039
Billy Allen- Craig Cheek0.000.0039
Marcus Chandler- John Mansini0.000.0039
Scott Rogers – Owen Rogers0.000.0039
Total Entrys$9,360.00
BONUS $$750.00
Total Paid At Ramp$8,835.00
James River 2021 Final Fund$575.00
2021 CATT Championship Fund$75.00
2021 James River Final Fund Total$2,175.00
2021 CATT Championship Fund Total$0.00


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