It was a cold, late fall day in East Tennessee and Bassmaster Elite Series Pro, David Mullins, had been wearing out the smallmouth on Cherokee Lake. As each fish surfaced near the boat, Mullins noticed they were regurgitating juvenile shad that were about 3 inches in length.  Eager to match the hatch, Mullins snapped a photo of the partially digested shad and sent it over to Will Stewart of Doomsday Tackle Company.  Stewart, with an extensive background in designing baits for the Asian lure market, was quick to whip up the first true juvenile shad profile bait to hit the market here in the U.S., the C-Shad 3.2.

The C-Shad 3.2 excels in frigid water temperatures especially when Cherokee rigged. The Cherokee rig, which some refer to as “video game fishing,” is a technique that allows you to utilize your electronics to drop a bait straight down to a school of suspended fish. This style of fishing can be much more accurate than using a drop shot given the same circumstances.

The key to this presentation is a jig head with a 90 degree line tie.  The 90 degree line tie allows the bait to sit perfectly horizontal in the water column. This is a much more realistic imitation of a dying baitfish than a typical nose down descend.

When presenting the C-Shad 3.2 to weary smallmouth, Mullins prefers a 7’0” Medium-Light Doomsday Tackle Co. 47 spinning rod equipped with 7 pound Sunline Sniper fluorocarbon.

The Doomsday C-Shad 3.2 offers a highly realistic and anatomically correct shad profile. Fitted with a strip of high-flash mylar and infused with a healthy dose of scent for an added level of attraction.

Don’t let the C-Shad 3.2’s origin story deter you from using it for other applications either. Alternative techniques include, drop shot, shakey head and even 3-armed finesse A-rigs. Available in a variety of highly detailed, baitfish derived colors, the Doomsday Tackle Co. C-Shad is raising the bar for shad imitation style baits across the world.

MSRP: $6.99

6 per bag

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