The All New Missile Baits Quiver

by Bruce Callis


Missile Baits is stepping up the game and releasing their newest bait, the Quiver, at the Big Show, the 50th Bassmaster Classic, just in time to set new records this prespawn. The all new soft plastic, the Quiver, which comes in 2 sizes, is the real thing and will change the way you look at some rigging options. They are also releasing the perfect weight for Neko rigging called the Neko Weights, which will come in 4 sizes.


John Crews, 2020 Bassmaster Classic Qualifier and owner of Missile Baits said, “Last year I found myself for the 2nd year in a row fishing a lot of Neko rig and Tokyo rig. I was done with looking for the perfect bait so I designed it! The Quivers are the perfect worms for these techniques and more. The Neko Weights also came from not being able to find what I wanted so I designed them. I think anglers will have an easier time learning these techniques since figuring out the right bait and weight have been eliminated.”

John sent me a few to test and I was really impressed with the way they looked and the tail design. I knew I had to put them to work right away. I had watched John talking about how to fish the Tokyo Rig on The Bass University and knew that it was something I just had to add to my weaponry. Having never fished the Tokyo Rig myself, I decided to give try and figure out just what makes it a deadly technique. I rigged the Quiver 6.5 on a VMC Tokyo Rig and using just the one rod and reel went to work learning to use it. The action on the Quiver is amazing as you watch the tail dance and actually quiver as you move it along the bottom. It was simple to use and I found bass hitting hard at times. The Quiver dancing in front of them just made them want it so bad. Just be ready to hang on for the ride.

If you have not seen the teaser videos that Missile Baits have put out, I suggest you go see them on their Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube channels. You can see for yourself just how amazing the action is and some great ideas for rigging them.

The Quiver will come in 2 sizes, the 4.5 and the 6.5, and in 10 colors each. They will share 5 colors, which will include Green Pumpkin, Watermelon Candy Red, and Goby Bite. The Quiver 4.5 will come packaged 8 to a bag and the Quiver 6.5 will come 6 to a bag and have a retail price of $3.99. The Neko Weights will come in 4 sizes, 1/32, 1/16, 1/8, and 3/16 ounce sizes and packaged in bag counts of 8 to 10 and retail for $3.99 each. While some retailers will have the Classic release baits during the Classic Expo dates, others will have them shortly thereafter. And you can always go to to order yours.


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