We have decided based on your Facebook votes to move this event to 

Sunday September 23,2018

Guys Don’t forget you have to fish 4 to Qualify for the Classic


March 31 – Parkway Marina

May 12th – State Park

June 9th – Parkway Marine

September 23rd – Parkway Marina 6-2

October 13th – Parkway Marina 7-3

November 10th – Parkway Marina 7-3

November 24th – Parkway Marina 7-3

December 8th – Classic – Parkway Marina 7-3

ALL Tournaments are from 7 am – 3 pm or safe light & determined by the Tournament Director

Click Here To Print Rules
Click Here To Print Release

Alternates – In 2018 we are alllowing you to have two alternates. But you must fish with your original Sign Up Partener for the classic.

Registration: is Mailed in or Tournament Day 10 mins. before Blast OFF.
Entry Fee: $100 mailed 7 days prior to the Tournament. $100 CASH ONLY
at Ramp.
Big Fish: $20.00 (Optional) or Mailed in with Entry Fee or Cash at Ramp.
Payback: 1 place/5 boats, 80% Payback at tournament, 10% held in Classic Fund, 100% Payback for Big Fish.
Points Champion: Wins plaques & Free entry into classic.
Classic: Free Entry Lunker is still $20.00. Must Fish 4 out of 7 to qualify for Classic.

Contact: Brian Carter
Cell: (434) 509-2024
Email Brian@thebasscast.com


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