The Bomb Shot by Missile Baits
Drop Shot at its Finest

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The drop shot has been around for years. It is not one of those techniques that you think about fishing often, and some of us, including myself, just can’t see us using it. But it has proven to be a tried and true method to catch bass. And big bass at that. We have seen the pro anglers using it to catch smallmouth bass on the great lakes. But it can and should be used anywhere, especially when the fishing is tough.

The baits we use for a drop shot has come a long ways too. There are many options indeed. John Crews and Missile Baits has introduced their new Bomb Shot and it’s unique design creates it’s own action when sitting still. It is a 4” bait that is based on the super popular D Bomb shape. The solid head makes for rigging options of nose hooking or Texas rigging. Once in the water, the Bomb Shot will not stop shimmying or quivering.
It comes in an assortment of colors: Bombshell, Fisholicious, Goby Bite, Green Pumpkin, Green Pumpkin Flash, MM3, Pinkalicious, Straight Black, Super Craw, and Watermelon Red. Each package contains 15 of the impressive baits.

I am in no way a drop shot expert, alas, I am far from it. I struggle and struggle, but I am convinced that once the light goes off I will understand what I have been missing. Until I tested the Bomb Shot, I had never, and I do mean never, caught a bass or any other species on a drop shot. I have watched videos, including this awesome one by John Crews himself.

I talked to John and he understood my frustration and offered a couple tips. And wouldn’t you know it, I caught my first bass. As John stated, less is more. It is a do nothing technique at times, and yet, a slow hoping or drag can also be mixed into the technique. And while I may be learning, I can now say I understand how to do it, in general. I even let my grandson try it, and the Bomb Shot once again proven that it catches bass. I’m not sure he will stick with it yet, as he loves to wind it back fast.

While it is made for the drop shot, I have found that it also works well on a shakey head. Just hold it in position and hold on tight, as they can’t resist it. I also tried it on a Neko head and caught bass. It is meant to catch bass no matter how you fish it. The secret is to just do it!

The Bomb Shot can be viewed and ordered from the Missile Baits website, or from many online tackle suppliers like Tackle Warehouse, FishUSA, Tackle Direct, and Bass Pro Shops. You can also find them in many fine brick and mortar tackle shops. They sell for from $3.89 to $3.99 per bag. I would suggest starting with 2 bags of each color, as bass love them.


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