The Cal Coast Fishing Battle Box

By Bruce Callis

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We as anglers are always searching for answers to our storage solutions. Be it a new tackle box or bag, we search for the most effective way to store all of our baits and terminal tackle. We want it big enough to hold everything, but small enough so as to not take up too much room. Cal Coast Fishing has come out with a revolutionary new way of storing your terminal tackle and making it simple to use.

The Battle Box has taken a new approach to terminal tackle organization. David Romanus and the Cal Coast community worked to make a box that is both effective in size and dynamic in design. With the modular tackle system it allows the angler to customize the way they store their tackle to match their own individual needs.

The box is 14” x 9.75” x 3.75”, the same dimensions as other popular boxes, the Battle Box maximizes space and makes getting to your tackle fast and easy. The box is stackable and made from durable plastic with a triple latched , O-ring sealed, scratch resistant, transparent lid. It comes with 19 small individual Ammo Cans (9 with foam stoppers), 1 large Ammo Can with foam stopper, a tackle Mag with 2 foam inserts, 4 dividers, and labels.

The Ammo Cans are clear, water-resistant and squeeze-top, making it easy to open with one hand. There are stoppers in the cans so that you may keep your items nice and tight, but still easy to use.

The Tackle Mag is a transparent rectangular box that comes with 2 foam inserts to allow for custom use. It comes with a slotted insert for large and specialized hooks. And a holed insert to hold your larger lead or tungeston weights. You can also remove the insert and use it as needed.

It also comes with dividers that allow the angler to change the configuration of the Battle Box by simply removing the black foam and inserting as needed. You are only limited by your imagination. This can be especially useful for Co-Anglers, kayak anglers, and shore anglers.

The Battle Box sells for $42.99 on the Cal Coast Fishing website, and at or your local sporting goods store that carries Cal Coast Fishing Products. (At the moment, the Battle Box is out of stock with an ETA of May 15th, 2019, but available on back order) You can also order replacement foam for the left side on the Cal Coast website for $4.99 each and additional Ammo Cans for $5.99 for 10 cans.

I was one of those that thought it was just too big for my use, but after getting one to test, I have decided that I wasn’t thinking with an open mind. It does take up a lot of space in my tackle bag, but the trade off of keeping my tackle organized and easy to get to makes it a necessary addition to my tackle management. I simply slide it under the seat while in my jonboat, or in the crate on the kayak. A bass boat is so much simpler with it’s abundance of storage options.

The three latch system offers a secure and tight closure. I thought it was a little too much at first, but knowing that when it is fully closed, the latches are secure and I will not be losing tackle. For kayak anglers, there is a place under the front latch to attack a tether, making it it so much easier to keep it securely in the boat. Also on the front to the right side of the latch, there is a place molded into the box to attach the Line Cutterz flat mount, making it easier to cut your line when changing baits.

I would highly recommend the Cal Coast Fishing Battle Box to anyone who is looking for something new to store their terminal tackle. The latches are very strong and secure. The Battle Box combines innovative modular design with unbeatable quality ensuring absolute organization on the water or bank. But don’t just take my advice, go look for yourself. Happy fishing.


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