The Lure Lock Tackle System
By Bruce Callis

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The storage box has gotten a new player on the market. The Lure Lock is the newest player to enter the field with its revolutionary new approach. The Lure Lock tackle system is 100% made in the USA from quality materials that are built to last and environmentally safe. What makes it unique among the field is its proprietary gel that holds and cradles fishing lures, hooks and terminal fishing tackle into a soft, safe environment, locking it into place while keeping the vibration and movement from dulling the hooks, barbs, paint, and even the overall effectiveness of the lure itself. The non-toxic gel is environmentally safe and is formulated from a soy-based recipe with renewable resources. It comes in 3 sizes, small (3500), medium (3600) and large (3700) to fit all your needs. And it also comes with the option of how many compartments, 1, 2, or 3 in the small and medium boxes and up to 4 in the large.

I tested out the medium box with no dividers myself and while I went in with an open mind, I was worried about what it would do with used lures who’s paint wasn’t perfect anymore. So I took a well used lure and put it in the box right away so I could see what happened. I was surprised (and relieved) to see that the paint did not peel off in the box. As I fished through the day, I would place the baits I changed into the box, giving them a gentle push as I put them in. I even put a brand new bait in there to test how it did with it also. It made a huge difference, as normally, I would have lures all over from a day of fishing. And I had no issue with the stickiness from the gel pad transferring onto the baits.

While it does hold the bait securely, I found that if you tossed it into the truck upside down, it did good if you had pressed the baits down firmly, but the bumps of the country roads would sometimes dislodge a bait, especially the heavier ones. If the box was laid with the bottom down, even if at an angle, I never had a bait come loose. So I am sure it will handle some rough water in a boat just as well.

Lure Lock also sells a retro kit that will fit your existing boxes as well a gel pad that you can use for other applications, such as holding your cell phone to the dash.
They can be found at and at online retailers such as Tackle Warehouse, TackleDirect and Academy Sports + Outdoors. They range in price from $14.99 to $19.99 depending on the size. The Retro Kit sells for $7.99 on the Lure Lock website and the Lure Pad sells for $6.99 on the site as well.

I would highly recommend that you have at least one in your boat or on shore to help keep your hands, feet, and lures protected.


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