We wrapped up the 2021 version f the Yadkin Trail with 41 teams entering the Yadkin Fall Final on High Rock Lake in NC! At the conclusion of the check awards the 2021 Yadkin CATT  Trail paid back over $42,000.00! Thanks for the support guys!

The 2022 Yadkin Spring Trail schedule is posted under the Yadkin Division!

Also we have scheduled the Yadkin Phantom Outdoors Invitational for June 18th, 2022 at High Rock Lake!

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As always Big Mike puts on a show and once the guys were back they were treated to some fine cooking! Thanks Mike for all you do!

Thomas Ludwick & Tom File win BIG at High Rock with 5 bass weighing 23.39 lbs and took home $3,795.00!

Hunter & Scott Harwood took 2nd with 5 bass weighing 21.79 lbs and weighed the 2nd BF at 6.53 lbs! They collected $1,990.00!

Ron Wolfarth & Shawn Knight finished 3rd with 20.90 lbs worth $1,185.00!

Ladd & Landon Whicker finished 4th with 20.42 lbs and weighed in the 1st BF at 7.99 lbs! They collected $880.00 plus a Lews Strike King $100 Gift Card!

Ladd with his $100 Lews Strike King Gift Card!

Check out these really nice BF Plaques made by Ultratech Tool and Machine!

Rusty Melton & John Kistler with their Yadkin Fall Point Champ Plaques!

Thomas Ludwick – Tom File6.1523.39$3,795.00
Hunter Harwood – Scott Harwood6.5321.79$1,990.00
Ron Wolfarth – Shawn Knight6.2720.90$1,185.00
Ladd & Landon Whicker7.9920.42$880.00
RM Parker – C0rey Gibson0.0018.78$500.00
Jeremy Talbert – Tod Haynes5.3818.20$300.00
Kevin Chandler – Alan Griffin0.0017.83$200.00
John Kistler – Rusty Melton5.6017.25$125.00
Rodney Bell – Tommy Jones3.9116.98
Robin Collins – Ronnie White0.0016.66
Joel Ketchum – Sam Cole0.0016.17
Jason Riggs – Steve Sink4.7715.62
Chad Coley – Micah Speights0.0015.51
Jason Barnes – Chad Poteat0.0015.20
Ethan Cox – Cody Thompson0.0014.73
Jason Thomas – Rodney Thomas0.0014.48
Daniel Griffin – Josh Griffin5.7814.35
Curt Lare – Devin Kennedy3.6411.37
Randy Weddington – Ronnie Smith2.9911.20
Bud Rattliff0.0010.64
Christian Johnson0.0010.41
Craig Gatewood0.0010.06
Lance Isenhour6.279.74
Austin Garland – Mike Lawhon0.001.74
Zac Sibesli – Chris Sibesli0.001.54
Alan Thompson – Michael Coley0.000.00
Brandon Shaver – Brandon Gibson0.000.00
David Hunt – Darrell Crumbley0.000.00
Chris Brown – Wayne Ingram0.000.00
Keith Davis – Lynn Davis0.000.00
Justin Goodyear0.000.00
Shane Kennedy0.000.00
Scott Henley – Johnny Hunter0.000.00
Jack Vanderford0.000.00
Deric Briles – Dustin King0.000.00
Randy Bell – David Lloyd0.000.00
Mike Ray – Orlando Giles0.000.00
Jacob Bridges – Brady Wiesner0.000.00
Dusty Taylor – Colton Hawks0.000.00
Zack & Greg Gooch0.000.00
Byron Brush0.000.00
Total Entrys$4,800.00
Yadkin Fall Final Fund$2,300.00
Total Paid At Ramp$8,975.00
Total Paid Fall 2021 Yadkin$23,720.00
Grand Total Paid 2021 Yadkin$42,485.00


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