Tim Chapman Win’s CATT Lake Wylie SC/NC Spring Final! April 27


We had a great Spring on Lake Wylie paying back over $17,000.00! Not sure yet but we may have a Fall trail is we have some interest!

Thanks to Rusty Hooks Bait & Tackle…you guys helped bring out a lot of guys and made the Spring CATT on Lake Wylie a success! Drop by and check em out guys!

They are located at 4070 Charlotte Hwy, Lake Wylie  Open 7 am to 5 pm and you can reach them by phone at 803-831-0251

Tim Chapman raked in the cash this past Saturday on Lake Wylie with 5 bass weighing 14.96 lbs! Tim earned $3,525.00 and 2 Level Performance Rods valued at $400,00!

Mike Buschue & David Winters 2nd Place $1,400.00! 14.63 lbs!

Roger Hoover 3rd with 14.01 lbs!

Jason Quinn & John Paul George 4th with 14.01 lbs! Also weighed in the Lews BF at 4.35 lbs! They received a Lews Mach Speed Spool Baitcast Reel!

We had a tie for the Wylie Points David Winters/Mike Buschue  & Brandon Graham/Alex Palomba


29 TeamsFishWeightWinnings
Tim Chapman4.0114.96$3,525.00
David Winters/ Mike Buschue3.2514.63$1,400.00
Roger Hoover3.1714.01$500.00
John Paul George/Jason Quinn4.3513.91$539.00
Thomas Richmond/Dibb Wylie4.3413.87$211.00
Jason Curtis/Rank Chapman3.6813.82
Mark and Zack Leech2.7613.48
Todd Farris/Brent Kikowski0.0012.94
Eddie Smith3.2212.88
Thomas Vickers/Brian Huskins2.8212.82
Robert Fowler/Angela Mayfield3.5512.56
Tom Russell/Adam Freeman3.2512.17
Ron W/Christian B0.0011.70
Jason and Thomas Ledford0.0011.45
Rick Corn and Rick Corn Sr3.1011.40
Mike Seawright/Jason Eaker3.0910.77
Jeff Raby/Brent Davis0.0010.74
Joe Hansil/Jason Humphries0.0010.66
Michael Yochem/3.3110.46
Brandon Graham/Alex Palomba0.0010.23
Seth Rainey/Justin B0.009.72
Donald Black/Chris Cook2.959.56
Shawn Duncan/Timmy Boone0.009.50
Dave Calbert0.009.42
Scott Williams/Robby English0.008.40
Alex and Will Dewey3.617.98
David Calbert/Bill Carothers0.000.00
Terry Carteret0.000.00
Clay Williams/David Redman0.000.00
Total Entrys$3,240.00
BONUS $$525.00
Wylie Spring Final Fund$2,410.00
Total Paid At Ramp$6,775.00
Total Paid Spring 2019 Wylie$17,080.00