Timmy Squires & Marshall Sasser Win CATT Waccamaw River July 7, 2018


Tournament Results Waccamaw River July 7, 2018! Squires & Sasser Take Home $2,043.00!

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Next Waccamaw River CATT is July 21st at Bucksport and will be a double point Qualifier!

We had 34 teams show for the CATT Gold this past Saturday on the Waccamaw with Timmy Squires & Marshall Sasser taking 1st Place with 5 bass weighing 16.32 lbs! Great catch guys! They took home $2,043.00!

Marshall is pictured here with some nice uns!

2nd Place Mark Gallup & Nick Gant! $700.00!

3rd Josh Medlin & Ryan Thompson!

4th Wade & Brian Cook!

2nd Bf and Academy Gift Card Winners Patrick Cook & Wayne Marlow!


34 TeamsFishWeightWinningsPoints
Timmy Squirers & Marshall Sasser 1st BF & Bonus $100 AFTCO Gift Card4.5016.32$2,043.00110
Nick Gant & Mark Gallup3.7613.74$700.00109
Ryan Thompson & Josh Medlin3.0313.34$400.00108
Wade Cook & Brian Howard3.4512.65$300.00107
Patrick Cook & Wayne Marlow. 3rd BF Academy Gift Card4.2012.49$210.00106
Wayne & Ryan Marsh3.9312.25$150.00105
Corey Singleton & Brian Hughes 2nd BF4.3511.86$102.00104
Sammie Grier & Cleo Strickland3.0711.39103
Ron & Sonya Terwilliger3.3010.77102
Alex Cribb & Roddy Cross2.229.93101
Danny Allen & Reid McDowell2.359.32100
Mark Johnson & Gary Pope3.129.3199
Chris Jones & Ed Owens2.449.1998
Charles Fryer3.629.1197
Lee Turberville & Lucas Williams2.899.1196
Kaleb Gerald & Adam Lewis2.489.0995
Richard & Gavin Porter2.598.8794
John Proctor & Johnny Duarte3.338.8393
Andy & Wesley Howell2.848.8492
Anthony Lee & Jason Owens0.008.3091
Nathan & Winston Martin2.408.1290
Les & Johan Jordan2.497.6289
Timmy Williamson & James Walters0.005.7588
Andrew Vereen & Jordan Weaver0.003.5287
Don McLaud & Shawn Tackett0.000.0086
River & Cody Squirers0.000.0086
Keaton Capps & Seth Rabon0.000.0086
Kyle Chestnut & Cristin Windner0.000.0086
J D Farrand0.000.0086
Matthew Gohen & Will Howard0.000.0086
Grayson Brewster & Jaqueese Moss0.000.0086
Michael Dennis & Bill Moore0.000.0086
Chad Pennell & Casey Warren0.000.0086
Ben Cox & Ernie Wallace0.000.0086
Total Entrys$4,080.00
BONUS $$380.00
Total Paid At Ramp$3,905.00
Waccamaw River 2018 Summer Final Fund$475.00
2019 CATT Championship Fund$80.00
2018 Waccamaw River Summer Final Fund Total$1,310.00
2019 CATT Championship Fund Total$615.00


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