Tommy Marrow & Dennis Reedy Win Catt Kerr Lake, VA April 14,2019 with 18.77 lbs


Next Up is the Kerr Spring Final April 28th! We have over 100 Teams eligible to enter the 2019 Kerr Spring Final! Lets go fishing!

2 HUGE events coming to Kerr in 2019!

The 2019 CATT Championship is June 1-2! We expect over 200 teams at this one! 1st Place is Guaranteed $10,000 but last year 1st took home $25,000.00! Look under Divisions on the home page for more info!

The Carolinas Bass Challenge is May 4 on Kerr! $8,000 1st place but we usually pay $10,000! Call me for more info 803-413-7521 or visit the CBC website! $10,000 BONUS to the top 4 Skeeter owners! $1,000 BF! 

This last Qualifier on Kerr was $80 entry per team with an optional $50 Side Pot! Check out the $$$ these guys won!

Tommy Marrow & Dennis Reedy won this past weekend on Kerr with 5 bass weighing 18.77 lbs! They took home $1,705.00! Check out those smiles! 

Corey Leonard & Paul Rigsby 2nd Place with 18.41 lbs! $1,090.00!

David Bullock & Jimmy Henderson weighed in the Macdaddy of Kerr at 8.25 lbs!

Tyler Calloway with another Kerr Slaunch!


46 TeamsFishWeightWinningsPoints
Tommy Marrow – Dennis Reedy5.7318.77$1,705.00110
Paul Rigsby – Corey Leonard5.9518.41$1,090.00109
Mike Perkins – John James6.0317.81$488.00108
David Bullock – Jimmy Henderson8.2517.64$842.00107
Marty Willimas – Jerry Bono3.8617.49$165.00106
Donnie Avant – Randy Waterman4.5815.51$125.00105
Monte Alemon – Kevin Alemon0.0015.09$115.00104
Glenn Long -Vern Fleming4.0214.92$110.00103
Allen White – Mike Vaughn4.7914.23$90.00102
Richard Owen – Austin Minton3.8914.21101
Eddie Glascock – Billy Dunn4.7414.18100
Bryan Welch – Mark Inman0.0013.8999
Terry Easter – Dave Farrington4.0713.7598
Bo Grosvenor – Tony Axt3.3713.7497
Richard Cooper – Tim Grein3.7713.7396
Tyler Trent – Tyler Purcell0.0013.7395
Josh Lanaville – Timmy Davis3.9213.3394
Walt Bowen – Mark Jackson0.0013.2893
Cameron Linebach – Chris Baynes0.0013.0992
Dave Frey0.0012.9491
Dennis Duncan – Mark Merretts0.0012.9190
Emmett Howes – Slayja Townes4.7612.6489
Tony Toombs – David Jones0.0012.5788
Tim Thurman – Thomas Jarnell0.0012.5487
Brent Enos – David Enos0.0012.5186
Bryson Peed – Jay Fogleman4.9112.4585
James Condrey – Jimmy Condrey3.9112.4484
Justin Dalton – Don Green0.0012.4483
Cole Blythe – Steve Blythe0.0012.3082
Carl Enos –  Derek Moyer3.9412.2281
Tyler Calloway- Zach Frank5.4212.2080
Justis Bobbit-Cullen Ports3.5412.0379
Jacob Lee – Tyler Farmer0.0011.8278
Casey Logan – Keaton Dalton0.0011.7877
Aaron Falwell – Steve Coleman3.5111.7276
Bob Hinds – David Cole3.2211.5475
Paul Smith – Jason Lloyd3.7011.0874
Ben Dalton – Collin Bennett0.0010.4073
Kevin Cheatham – Johnny Wilder0.0010.3873
Hal Blackwelder – Cliff Swan4.079.8271
Derrick Bowden – Matt Little2.599.6570
Jason Houchins – Danny Houchins0.009.4069
Chad Child – James Freeland0.008.9168
Chad Eriksen – Stanton McDuffie3.224.2967
Sean Lewis – Kevin Kane0.000.0066
Chris Dehart – Joe Dehart0.000.0066
Total Entrys$3,680.00
BONUS $$1,600.00
Total Paid At Ramp$4,730.00
Kerr 2019 Spring Final Fund$460.00
2019 CATT Championship Fund$50.00
2019 Kerr Spring Final Fund Total$2,390.00
2019 CATT Championship Fund Total$4,815.00


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