Next Old North CATT is at Jordan Lake March 28 launching out of Farrington Point! At this time we are still on!

We had 64 teams how up at Kerr and paid back over 11,000.00! What a payday! Thanks for fishing with us! The fishing was outstanding and several good bags were brought in! 2 bass over 7 lbs were brought to the scales!

Tommy Marrow & Dennis Reedy win BIG on Kerr with 5 bass weighing 19.57 with the 2nd BF in their bag weighing up at 5.87 lbs! They took home $4,329.00 plus another $300.00 in Phoenix First Flight cash for a total of $4,629.00!

2nd Place with 18.19 lbs was the team of Roger Clary & Justin Rhew! They weighed in the BF at 7.19 lbs and collected $1,606.00!

Robbie & Ross Kennon 3rd with 18.09 lbs and took home $1,575.00!

4th Place went to Marty Warren & Lynn Fox with 17.71 lbs! They earned $1,010.00!

David Bullock & Jimmy Henderson claimed 5th with 17.18 lbs and they received $550.00!

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64 TeamsBFWeightWinningsPoints
Dennis Reedy / Tommy Morrow5.8719.57$4,629.00110
Roger Clary / Justin Rhew7.1918.19$1,606.00109
Robbie & Ross Kennon5.2518.09$1,575.00108
Marty Warren / Lynn Fox4.8317.71$1,010.00107
David Bullock / Jimmy Henderson4.3617.18$550.00106
Lee Allred / Eric Massey4.8917.04$500.00105
J. Stewart Adams / J. Scott Dunn3.7917.02$450.00104
Jon Williams / Brandon Hendricks4.6216.88$350.00103
Calton Hall / Jason Suggs4.6316.40$330.00102
Johnny Wilder / Michael Harris II3.4416.16$250.00101
Ryan Roller / Gary Colwell3.7515.80$220.00100
Jonathan & Mike Rhew5.6415.52$200.0099
Richard Cooper / Tim Grein4.1815.1198
John McLelland / Eric Schell4.8514.8697
Jeff Staton / David Glenn4.4814.8196
Keith & Dennis Allen3.4014.6695
Billy Orr / Jon Parson5.3514.6594
Gerald Beck / Rodney Sorrell2.9914.0993
Stump Bledsoe / Glen Elliott4.2213.9292
Gordon Griffin / Danny Moss0.0013.7891
 Drew & Chris Johnson3.2713.6092
Cullen Ports / Bobby Williams (sub)2.7713.5990
Matt Dean / Charles Stewart0.0013.4089
Rick Dunstan / Josh Huff3.2213.3488
Donnie Avant / Randy Waterman3.1613.3087
Billy Bledsoe / Dillon Bledsoe3.0213.2386
Jay Fogleman / Robert Perkins0.0013.1585
Paul Worthington / Ben Whittenton4.1913.1084
Rich Szczerbala / /Jamie Olive0.0013.0483
Bryan & Brandon Cottrell3.1212.9782
Scott Canady / Jamie Pate3.5912.9581
Ashley Ivey / Keith Morris3.5912.9580
Travis Watson / Brian Benish0.0012.9179
Eddie Glascock / Billy Dunn3.5412.8378
Chase & Tony Stanley3.3112.6377
Brian West / Jonathan Holloway3.1212.5676
Danny Wicker / Doug Washburn0.0012.4675
Daniel & Danny Wood3.1712.4474
Paul Rigsbee / Cory Leonard0.0012.4473
Jake Harris / Chad James5.3112.3272
Bryson Peed / Jonathan Jones0.0012.3071
Alec Lower / Kolby Clark (sub)3.1512.0470
Brad McLauren / Mike Marchant3.0111.8069
Jordan & Mark Young2.6711.7668
Jason Kopp / Daniel Jenkins0.0011.3967
Burke Hutchen / Jon Provost3.1211.3866
Billy West / Shannon Stewart2.4811.2065
Jeff Shaw / James Richmond2.3711.1564
Kenneth McNeill / Al Greco (sub)2.3111.0063
Tim Nobles / Kevin Hayslett0.0010.8462
Michael & Austin Watson0.0010.7161
Todd Staker / Scott Woodson0.0010.2460
Randy Black / Mikey Anderson2.4310.1359
Jeff Hodges / Jonathan Phillips0.009.5558
Tate Fogleman / Cade Currin0.009.5257
Ronnie Hatem / Alan Darden2.229.2356
Gary Johnson / Chris Inscoe0.008.7655
David Newell / Christopher Moss0.006.9854
Johnny & William Howard0.000.0053
Greg Taylor / Adam Haithcock0.000.0053
Jeff Brown / Ron Johnson0.000.0053
James & Delores Davis0.000.0053
Frank Grimsley0.000.0053
Doug Stallings / Seth Ellis0.000.0053
Total Entrys$10,080.00
BONUS $$2,200.00
Total Paid At Ramp$11,670.00
Old North 2020 Spring Final Fund$710.00
2020 CATT Championship Fund$50.00
2020 Old North Spring Final Fund Total$710.00
2020 CATT Championship Fund Total$3,090.00


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