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We had a great start to the Fall Yadkin Trail with 27 teams entering! Come on out and join us! Next Yadkin Qualifier is Sept 16 Sun at Tamarac Marina on  High Rock!

Tony Foster and Steve Sink weighed in 5 bass at 24.95 lbs and took home 1st Place this past Saturday! Add in the 1st BF at 7.27 lbs and the 1st Place BONUS $ they took home $1,016.00!

2nd went to Todd Haynes & Jeremy Talbert with 18.21 lbs worth $465.00!

Check out the rest of the money winners plus we are paying the 1st team out of the money at each Yadkin event $50 sponsored by Wacky Riggers!

Remember guys $500 to the Yadkin Point winners!

Steve Sink – Tony Foster  1st BF & BONUS $7.2724.95$1,016.00110
Todd Haynes — Jeremy Talbert4.9818.21$465.00109
Roy Barrow – Marty Williams5.6817.25$294.00108
Phillip Hedrick – Lucas Hedrick   2nd BF6.8017.00$205.00107
Mack Lowe – Robert Walser5.9816.94$100.00106
Darrell Crumbley – Tim Skeen4.5515.31$50.00105
James Blankenship – Walker Blankinship3.3214.40104
Ladd & Landon Wicker3.9814.37103
Mike Love – Tim Norman0.0013.84102
Nathan Mcgeathy4.8512.97101
Chris Brown – Wayne Ingram3.1412.70100
George Lauster – CJ DeAddario3.4911.9699
Joel Ketchum – Myles Stewart3.6711.5698
Noah Beck – Ben Renas2.7910.6497
Steve Summer – Rick Summer4.309.3396
Anthony Brooks – Brad Smith0.009.2395
Mitchell Layall – Ethan Lyon0.007.8594
Steve Gawthrop – Kenneth Martin3.767.6093
John Carroll – Thomas Carol4.564.5692
Jason Freddie – Keith Mullins0.003.4091
Mike Ray – Orlando Giles0.000.0090
Duke Denison0.000.0090
Shane Kennedy – Devin Kenndey0.000.0090
Scott Harmon – Kenneth Earnhardt0.000.0090
Jerry Davis – Tony Tysinger0.000.0090
Dusty Taylor – Jeff McQuiage0.000.0090
Johnny Allen0.000.0090
Total Entrys$2,160.00
BONUS $$460.00
Total Paid At Ramp$2,130.00
Yadkin 2018 Fall Final Fund$490.00
2019 CATT Championship Fund$50.00
2018 Yadkin Fall Final Fund Total$490.00
2019  CATT Championship Fund Total$965.00


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