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2022 Phantom Outdoors Invitational Classic – Carolina Anglers Team Trail (

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Here’s your results from the 1st Fall tournament of the CATT East, Roanoke River, NC!

1st Tracey King and Jackson King. 17.73 lbs. $525. They also won big fish 5.83 lbs $161. 1st place side pot of $294 for a grand total of $980.

Congratulations guy’s.

2nd Eddie Fisher and Randall Hunt 16.34 lbs $300 and 2nd place side pot of $126. Grand total $426.


3rd Will and Luke James 15.76 lbs $200. 2nd place big fish $69.


4th Jason Pittman and Braxton Bridger’s 15.69 $120.


Our next tournament will be September 10 in Plymouth on the Roanoke. Hope to see y’all there.

Tracey King – Jackson King5.8317.73$980.00110
Eddie Fisher – Randall Hunt5.5216.35$426.00109
Will James – Luke James5.8315.76$269.00108
Jason Pittman – Braxton Bridges5.6815.69$120.00107
Zeb West – Craig Goess0.0013.76106
Steve Vann – Dean Thompson5.3813.60105
Land Weaver – Rob Weaver0.0013.37104
Jason Smoth – Jacob Smith0.0012.06103
Wayne Harris – Kenny Simpson0.0011.95102
Luke Farley – Robb Moore0.0011.84101
Don Luther – Mike Kannan0.0011.75100
Bobby Clark – Tommy Hughes0.0011.2999
Danny Flynn – Brad Elks0.0011.1198
Travis Barefoot – Steve Belch2.9210.7697
Greg Creech – Chris McDuffie0.009.1896
Grey Pardue – Bobby Barrett0.008.2095
Houston Cash – Chase Davis0.007.6594
Andrew Skinner5.577.2293
Brandon Johnson – Wilson Johnson0.002.6292
Mike White0.001.7191
Richard Griswold – Tim Fallon0.000.0081
Brent Boyette – John Holland0.000.0081
Matt Oakley0.000.0081
Total Entrys$1,840.00
BONUS $$420.00
Total Paid At Ramp$1,795.00
East 2021 Final Fund$340.00
2022 CATT Championship Fund$50.00
East Fall Point Champs Fund$25.00
2022 East Final Fund Total$340.00