Trey Goodman & Tim Chaffin Win CATT James River, VA August 7, 2021


Next and last 2021 James River Qualifier is September 11 at Osbourne! We have over 70 teams who have qualified for the James River Final by entering 3 James River Qualifiers. There are over 30 who have entered 2 Qualifiers and we have 1 Qualifier left! Sept 11! Come join us!

With 1 Qualifier left these are the top 5 Teams in the Points!

2021 James River Point Winners Receive Free Entry Into All 2022 James River Qualifiers Excluding the Final! $840 Value

2nd $500

3rd $250

4th $150

5th $100

1 Ray Hogge – Donnie Daniels

2 Harris Baker- Chase Huffman

3 Jason Bishop- Jeff Hamilton

4 Kelly Robinette-David Barlow

5 Tim Chaffin- Trey Goodman

Tim Chaffin & Trey Goodman won a squeaker on the James River! They brought in a limit weighing 21.58 lbs good enough for 1st Place and $2,000.00!

Some nice bags were weighed in and we appreciate you guys fishing the weather!

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Trey Goodman – Tim Chaffin5.4521.58$2,000.00110
Jason Bishop – Jeff Hamilton8.6421.57$1,427.00109
Wayne Drewery – Ryan Drewery7.2321.55$858.00108
David Bivens0.0021.16$815.00107
Nathaniel Kilgore – Chaz Carrington0.0019.15$425.00106
Donnie Meade – Travis Daniels0.0018.85$325.00105
Cory Donnavant – Kennon Ball6.6718.77$300.00104
Kelly Robinette – David Barlow0.0018.70$225.00103
Ray Hogge – Donnie Daniel0.0018.02$200.00102
Marc Vihnauek – Gaven Webb0.0017.93$320.00101
Chase Huffman – Harrison Baker0.0017.78$140.00100
Roger Walters – Renee Walters6.9317.36$135.0099
Dave Carney – Andy Bolhorst5.8517.3498
Mickey Anderson – Howard Austin0.0017.1697
Chris Bryant – Matt Dunnigan4.4117.0096
Ed Milton – Tj Milton0.0016.5695
Robert Sutton – Austin Buisset0.0015.5294
Randy Ruffin – Jeff Ludlow0.0015.3493
Mathew Kite – Chris McDaniels0.0015.2592
Ben Knapp – Aydin Knapp0.0014.7291
Chuck Comer – Don Warren0.0014.6690
Guy Fairweather – Jared Williams0.0014.1889
Richard Bates – Scott Randall0.0014.1688
Marshall Johnson-Ryan Lachniet0.0013.7487
Jefferey Banko – Adam Weaver0.0013.4186
Bryan Keane – Evan Anderson0.0013.0085
Garrett Geouge – Mike Grogan0.0012.7284
Rusty Alley – Dan Robinson0.0012.6083
Curtis Combs – CJ Combs0.0012.4282
Roger Deluke – Joe Krevonick0.0012.1881
John Barnes0.0012.1280
Charles James – John Conway0.0011.9679
Drake Hundley – Stan Keyser0.0011.7478
Clyde Baldwin – Jeff Davis0.0011.2277
Walter Emmerson – Brody Webb0.0011.1876
Benny Hendricks – Ronnie Ketchum0.0010.7275
Charles Ramer – Ernest Revels0.0010.3374
Brandon Smith – Lee Smith0.0010.2873
Jeremy Maye – Malone Paris0.0010.1772
Zach Whitt – Larry Whitt0.0010.1471
Paul Martin – Francis Martin3.769.8570
Barry Brandt Jr – Robert Brandt0.009.7269
Rodney Allen – Neal Allen0.009.6468
Avery Powelson – Brian Brooks0.009.5467
Joseph Clarke – Trey Magee0.009.2166
Jeffrey Valentin – Daryl Moody0.008.9565
Burley Langford – Brian Langford0.008.7764
Joey Cooke – Justin Hall0.007.4663
Steve Vasser – Steve Webb0.007.0162
Chris Cockrall – Brian Snipes0.006.5961
Mike Gibson – Rocky Stone0.004.9760
Allen Williams – Brad Redden0.004.3759
Wayne Taylor – Ed Jordan0.000.0049
Joe Carr – Bob Timberlake0.000.0049
Ronald Slaughter – Landon Tucker0.000.0049
Jessie Kidd – Jake Kidd0.000.0049
Justin Faison – Matt Branzelle0.000.0049
Linwood Shores0.000.0049
Aaron Durham – Zach Durham0.000.0049
Mike Caul – Bill Petzild0.000.0049
Steve Colgan – Sammy Yates0.000.0049
Josh Durham – Luke Durhan0.000.0049
Robert Whitehurst – Parker Hinks0.000.0049
Total Entrys$7,440.00
BONUS $$400.00
Total Paid At Ramp$7,170.00
James River 2021 Final Fund$500.00
2021 CATT Championship Fund$50.00
2021 James River Final Fund Total$3,250.00
2021 CATT Championship Fund Total$0.00


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