Triton Mike Bucca Bull Gill Review

Jason Sealock

May 18,2017

My experiences with one my favorite bluegill swimbaits.

I spend a lot of time working on fishing content and people ask me what I do for fun if fishing is my job. Well I go fishing. But if I had my choice of fishing and did not have to review tackle or produce video every time I went, I would probably go throw a big swimbait all day. I’ve been playing with the Triton Mike Bucca Bull Gill for more than a year now and thought I would share my experiences and thoughts on this fun bait for fishing for bass feeding bluegills.

The Mike Bucca Bull Gill is a one off design from his original Bull Shad design. The Bull Gill is a multi-segmented hard swimbait made to mimic panfish that bass will feed on across the country. While some bodies of water don’t have shad, most will have bluegill or some other panfish that can be a source of food for larger bass.


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