Two 11-Pound Bass In One Night (During A Tournament!)

This just in from KTXS Texas – A Texas angler recently broke bass fishing lake record twice in one night! George Trosper, a local tournament angler entered in a Thursday night derby hoping to catch 5 big ones but I highly doubt he expected to land two bass weighing over 11 pounds in one outing!

How It All Went Down

The first bass hit the scales at 11.03 pounds with the second big girl weighing in 11.15. In addition to shattering his own PB largemouth, George also crushed the standing lake record by over a pound with each fish.

The first fish bit a Senko style stick bait from a small Oklahoma company called Recon Custom Baits with the second big bass falling victim to a neon-colored crankbait custom made from Joe Stache Baits.

Some say that luck plays a major factor in fishing, especially when talking about record-setting fish. However, knowing where, when, and how to target fish in various stages and conditions is a keen skill.

Luck Or Skill?

Few people will understand the fishing patterns of a specific lake better than the local anglers who spend the most time fishing that body of water. Spending countless hours fishing, spotting, graphing an area will give these anglers an intimate understanding of how that ecosystem works and where Bass fall in.

With that being said, I’m pretty sure that these two behemoth bass can be chalked up to skilled angling and deep mixed in with maybe a small dash of luck.