Two Cousins And A 40 Pound Bag Of Kentucky Lake Bass!

If you ever wondered what 40lbs of kentucky lake bass looks like this is it….

Two 10lb Bass In One Day!

Kentucky Lake just pumped out another sack of insanely GIANT fish. Cousins, Chase Hunnel and Tyler Peterson put on a clinic while bringing bass of epic proportions to the boat during a recent fishing trip on the famed Tennesee River reservoir. Collectively the duos five best bass weighed just north of 40 pounds! To help put things into perspective that is an average of OVER 7 POUNDS PER BASS!

‘Not only did I catch my personal best at 10.29, but I repeated that with a 10.33 an hour later. What a blessed day to have at a much needed time. ”

Like many other smart anglers, the guys were tight-lipped when asked what lures they were using that day. While we don’t know the specifics on baits, we do know that all fish were caught with Lew’s Baitcasting Reels spooled with Seaguar Fishing line

The Future Of Kentucky Lake Bass

Kentucky Lake Bass

Some say Kentucky Lake’s ecosystem has taken a turn for the worse but, hopefully, this story can serve as a testament to what type of bass this reservoir can produce and why sporting anglers should continue the fight to protect this precious waterway.

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