Next Kerr Lake Spring CATT is Feb 29th at Occoneechee! 

Mark your calendar!

June 6-7, 2020 Academy Sports CATT Championship $10,000.00 1st Place!

Nov 7 Kerr Lake at Occoneechee Phantom Invitational $5,000.00 1st Place!

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In 2019 CATT paid back over $60,000.00 on Kerr  Lake and we’re off to great start paying back over $5,000.00 this past Saturday! Entry fee was only $80 and BONUS was $50! We have some Gold Qualifiers coming and the payback will be HUGE for those!

Tyler & Ricky Trent are our 1st Kerr Lake winners in 2020!  It was tough day for most but they weighed in 5 bass at 16.90 lbs good for the win! Plus they weighed in the 2nd BF at 4.71 lbs! Add in the 1st BONUS $ and they took home $1,929.00!

Michael Garner & Billy Shelton claimed 2nd with 15.42 lbs good enough for $1,135.00!

3rd went to Charlie Reed & Dennie Gilbert with 15.33 lbs worth $720.00!

Tim Thurman & Thomas Jerrell weigh in the BF at 4.93 lbs and with their 10th place finish they collected $471.00!

Check out the rest of the money winners and we’ll see you Feb 29th!

53 TeamsBFWeightWinningsPoints
Tyler Trent  – Ricky Trent4.7116.90$1,929.00110
Michael Garner – Billy Shelton3.8415.42$1,135.00109
Charlie Reed – Dennie Gilbert4.0415.33$720.00108
Jay Fuhr – Tim Wiltfong3.3315.12$320.00107
Roger Clary – Justin Rhew3.5114.70$200.00106
Brian Calloway – William Hubbard3.3714.69$150.00105
Robbnie Mayton – Kevin Bostic4.3114.50$125.00104
Donnie Avant – Randy Waterman3.6214.32$110.00103
Scott Cannady – Chad Ellis3.6314.22$100.00102
Tim Thurman – Thomas Jerrell4.9313.62$471.00101
Kevin Alemon – Monte Alemon3.5112.95100
Sammy Barrow – Spencer Barrow4.2312.8399
Brian Kirkpatrick – Eddie Fore3.1411.7998
Josh Fletcher – Bryson Peed0.0011.6897
Richard Owen – Austin Minton2.4211.3496
Chuck Morton – Mike Riggs0.0011.1895
Calton Hall – Jason Suggs3.6011.0994
Dan Jackson – John Yager2.7210.9393
Jesse Stanley – Rex Watson3.8510.8192
Paul Smith – Jason Lloyd3.3310.6191
Ryan Roller – Gary Colwell0.0010.5390
Zach Davenport – Paul Worthington0.009.9889
Carl Enos – David Enos2.929.9388
Dustin Guthrie – Addison Guthrie4.469.5987
Francis Martin – Jeremy Turner0.009.1986
Eddie Glascock – Billy Dunn0.009.1885
Robby Kennon – Ross Kennon3.118.9284
Aaron Falwell – Jimmy Coleman0.008.6783
Dennis Reedy – Tommy Marrow0.008.3782
Russell Rigsbee – Paul Rigsbee0.008.1081
Evan Fleming – Matt Furr0.008.0980
Kevin Dawson – Joey Dawson3.047.7979
Paul Rigsbee – Cory Leonard0.007.3178
Richard Cooper – Drew Johnson3.257.2377
Derrick Currin – Gary Williams0.004.9476
Brandon Slaughter – Brandon Curtis0.004.6475
Jay Fogleman – Robert Perkins0.004.5574
Bryan Welch0.004.2873
Donald Coleman – Darnell Smalls0.003.5673
Derrek Bowden – Matt Little0.002.0371
Reginald Norflett – Charlie Gunter0.001.9070
William Rogerson – Bobby Harris0.000.0069
Justin Dalton – Emitt Whitby0.000.0069
Randy Black0.000.0069
Houston Cash – Clement Dutoit0.000.0069
Ellis Jones – Bryan Cotrell0.000.0069
Keith Redd – Don Barretta0.000.0069
Glenn Long – Vernon Fleming0.000.0069
Jason Houchins – Danny Houchins0.000.0069
Billy Orr – John Parsons0.000.0069
Doug Stallings – Seth Ellis0.000.0069
Matt Dean0.000.0069
Josh Ashley – Hunter Werres0.000.0069
Total Entrys$4,240.00
BONUS $$1,650.00
Total Paid At Ramp$5,260.00
Kerr 2020 Spring Final Fund$540.00
2020 CATT Championship Fund$50.00
2020 Kerr Spring Final Fund Total$540.00
2020 CATT Championship Fund Total$2,000.00


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