81 Teams are qualified to enter the Kerr Fall Final November 24th! 8 am to 4 pm

We had a great crowd for a Fall Qualifier with 51 teams entering! Several are getting qualified for the 2020 CATT Championship on Kerr June 6-7! The past 2 Championships on Kerr 1st Place has taken home $25,000.00! Tell your friends and lets break the 200 boat mark next June!

Eddie Glasscock & Billy Dunn win the Kerr Fall Points and will fish the Final Free Plus blast off #1!

Tyler Trent & Jacob Lloyd took 1st Place with 18.29 lbs! They also weighed in the 2nd BF at 4.87 lbs and took home the 1st BONUS $! All total they packed up and left Occoneechee State Park with 2,263.00 in their pockets! Greta Job!

Ryan Reynolds & Kenny Reynolds weighed in 5 Smallmouth weighing up at 17.78 lbs to take 2nd Place and the 2nd BONUS $! They earned $1,070.00!

Ryan Reynolds & Kenny Reynolds finished 3rd  and took home the 3rd BONUS $ worth $605.00! They weighed in 15.99 lbs! 

Michael Birr & Dexter Andrews took 4th with 15.13 lbs!

Kevin & Montey Aleman 5th with 14.23 lbs! 

Eddie Glasscock and Billy Dunn 6th Place with 14.15 lbs!

51 TeamsBFWeightWinningsPoints
Tyler Trent- Jacob Lloyd4.8718.29$2,263.00110
Michael Garner – Billy Shelton4.4317.78$1,070.00109
Ryan Reynolds – Kenny Reynolds0.0015.99$605.00108
Michael Birr – Dexter Andrews4.4215.13$300.00107
Kevin Aleman – Montey Aleman0.0014.23$200.00106
Eddie Glasscock- Billy Dunn0.0014.15$150.00105
Wayne Andrews – Andy Semonco0.0013.92$125.00104
Gary Coldwell – Ryan Roller0.0013.83$110.00103
Ellis Jones – Brian Cottrell0.0012.92$100.00102
Bobby Clark – Tommy Hughes0.0012.77$100.00101
Derrick Currin – Gray Williams3.6512.71100
Robbie Mayton – Kevin Bostic3.7412.3499
Thomas Jarrell – Chad Bowman5.2012.29$357.0098
Jacob Lee – Tyler Farmer2.7912.2897
Flash Butts – Sean Hammock0.0011.9296
Joey Dawson – Kevin Dawson3.4111.7395
Lonnie Whitfield – Phillip Smith0.0011.6894
Clay Ausely – Ken McNeil4.4911.3793
Jerry Bono – Marty Williams0.0011.2692
Denny Gilbert – Tyler Purcell0.0011.2491
Casey Pope – Eric Royster4.6611.0390
Tim Wiltfong – Ray Griffin0.0010.9789
William Hubbard – Brian Calloway0.0010.5988
Wesley Harris – Travis Garrett0.0010.5587
Chuck Morton – Mike Riggs3.7610.4886
Billy Orr – John Parson0.0010.2485
Scott Moser – Bobby Overby0.009.9584
Gary Horsley – David Dehart0.009.5983
Bryson Allen – Peter Carter0.009.5582
Jeffery Porter – Nathan Reeves0.009.5481
Eddie Fore – Brian Kirkpatrick0.009.1480
Tony & Jay Stanley0.009.1379
Charlie Gunter – Reggie Norfleet0.009.0778
Donnie Avant – Randy Waterman0.008.9377
Michael Trivette – Neil Eckburg0.008.2476
Mark Herndon – Jay Garrett0.008.1375
David Bullock – Jimmy Henderson0.008.1274
Rick Clements – Elton Clements0.007.6073
Derrick Bowden – Matt Little0.007.1072
Mike Maull – Greg Lahr0.006.6571
Francis Martin – Jeremy Turner0.006.4770
Edward Townsend – Dexter Hurley0.006.1869
Gerald Beck – Rodney Sorrells0.002.9668
Jake Osbourne – Keith Dutton0.002.6267
Donnie Coleman – Darell Small0.000.0066
Matthew Fuhr – Evan Fleming0.000.0066
Dave Farrington – Barry Hobson0.000.0066
Bryson Peed – Josh Fletcher0.000.0066
Kent Pearson – Bubba Barkdale0.000.0066
Jimmy Wall – Steven Griggs0.000.0066
Doug Stallings – Seth Ellis0.000.0066
Total Entrys$4,080.00
BONUS $$1,850.00
Total Paid At Ramp$5,380.00
Kerr 2019 FALL Final Fund$470.00
2020 CATT Championship/Phantom Fund$50.00
2019 Kerr FALL Final Fund Total$1,465.00
2020 CATT Championship/Phantom Total$1,680.00


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