U.S. Army Partners With MLF For 2021 High School Series

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In one regard or another, sponsorship serves as the driving force behind nearly every facet of competitive angling. Sponsors serve as the financial means to an end, backing both anglers, and tournament series alike. Without this financial backing, the world of competitive angling would likely not exist, at least as we know it today.

Now, the MLF High School Fishing Series has signed a new title sponsor for the 2021 season. The U.S. Army was named as the series’ newest sponsor on February 11th, signaling the onset of a partnership of epic proportions.

“We are thrilled to welcome the U.S. Army and their Army Outdoors Team to our fishing family,” stated Jim Wilburn, MLF President and CEO. “The U.S. Army’s diverse range of individual soldiers with unique backgrounds and heart-felt passions creates a seamless connection with the youth of today. We are excited to explore this partnership throughout the 2021 season and to continue to invest in our students across the nation.”

Those from the U.S. Army also stated their excitement toward working with Major League Fishing, going forward. “This partnership will allow the U.S. Army to connect with today’s outdoor enthusiasts across the United States,” said Sgt. 1st Class Andrew M. Benedict, Army Outdoor Team Leader. “We will share our experiences in the Army and demonstrate that you can serve your country while still pursuing your passions in the woods or on the water.”

Events within the MLF High School Fishing Series are open to anglers, grades 7-12, whose schools currently serve as SAF (Student Angler Federation) affiliates. All tournaments are conducted under a two-person team format, with the top ten percent of teams from Open and State Championship competition advancing to the 2021 U.S. Army High School Fishing presented by Favorite Fishing National Championship.


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