Victor Belagorska Win’s CATT Savannah River, GA Nov 21, 2020


Next up on the Savannah River CATT schedule is December 19th at Stokes Bluff!

The Savannah River was flooding so we moved this one to the Ogeechee River and it looks the fish were waiting! Victor Belagorska weighed in 5 bass at 13.85 lbs to take the win! He also weighed in the 2nd BF at 6.06 lbs!

Tim Roundtree & Al Pittman finished 2nd with 13.64 lbs and weighed in the 1st BF at 6.13 lbs!

Randall Reynolds/Jason Tatoya claimed 3rd with 10.49 lbs!

15 TeamsBFWeightWinningsPoints
Voctor Belagorska6.0613.85$845.00110
Tim Roundtree/Al Pittman6.1313.64$305.00109
Randall Reynolds/Jason Tatoya0.0010.49$80.00108
Wesley Mullins/Matt Cantrell0.009.91107
Colby Blanchard/Travis Lamb0.009.24106
Ronald Welch0.008.71105
Corey Rewis/Patrick Findley0.008.30104
Anthony Joyner/Barry Conley0.008.28103
David English/Robert Wood (Sub)0.007.75102
Rocky Mullis/Jeff Mullis0.007.41101
Joseph Toth0.007.16100
Ken Daniels/Barry Durden (Sub)0.004.9999
Tyrone Gadson/Matt Laskey0.004.5698
Frank Ackerman/Jamie Rushing0.004.4997
Barry Descaro0.000.0096
Total Entrys$1,200.00
BONUS $$350.00
Total Paid At Ramp$1,230.00
Savannah River 2020 Winter Final Fund$230.00
2021 CATT Championship Fund$30.00
2020 Savannah River Winter Final Fund$375.00
2021 CATT Championship Fund Total$155.00


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