Next Lake Murray CATT is Feb 20 at Billy Dreher State Park! You must enter 2 Murray Qualifiers to be eligible to enter the Murray Spring Final which will pay $3,000 to 1st Place!

Check out Farm Boys BBQ at 525 Columbia Ave Chapin SC. Great food!

Wade Amick & Zach Huffstetler took 1st Place with 5 bass weighing 22.80 lbs worth $1,552.00!

2nd went to Ronnie Mueller & Wayne Frierson with 5 bass weighing 20.68 lbs!

3rd Place Jeremiah Jensen & Greg Spagnola 19.77 lbs!

4th with 18.00 lbs Karson Grubbs & Emmett Maynor

Carl Smith & Josh Renebaum 5th 17.60 lbs!

Eric & Hunter Enlow weighed in the BF at 6.67 lbs! They earned $238.00 plus an Academy Gift Card!

More Lake Murray Pics!

Wade Amick – Zach Huffstetler6.6022.80$1,552.00110
Ronnie Mueller – Wayne Frierson5.8220.68$400.00109
Jeremiah Jensen – Greg Spagnola5.1119.77$300.00108
Emmett Maynor – Karson Grubbs6.1718.00$175.00107
Josh Rennebaum – Carl Smith4.5517.60$120.00106
Phillip Anderson4.3616.62$100.00105
Neil Huffstetler – Tim Huffstetler4.9716.21104
Roger Farr – David Farr3.7116.13103
Sean Anderson – George Berry3.6616.00102
Jeff Norris – Jacob Norris6.1715.68101
Chris Epting – Johnny Mayer3.7715.60100
Darryl Starkey – Nelson Walker4.3115.4299
Travis Parrish – Gavin Parrish4.8514.3698
Tim Richardson – Landen Rose5.8812.5797
Jason Ries – Roger McKee0.0012.2896
Eric Enlow – Hunter Enlow6.6712.04$238.0095
Wesley ? – Anthony ?4.5311.8494
Jeremy Adams – Shawn Callahan6.4010.2293
Chase Austin – Casey Bladwin0.009.0692
Chris Sullivan0.006.7391
Danny Truett – Curtis Bryant4.365.7990
Hunter Jeffcoat – Dylan Sills0.005.2889
Wayne Jeffcoat – Kevin Banks0.000.0088
Justin McGrady – AJ DiPietro0.000.0088
Brandon Jeffcoat0.000.0088
Jonathan Brindel – David Grooms0.000.0088
Joe Quinn – Justin Dunn0.000.0088
Tim Slice – Jake Wright0.000.0088
Les Westberry – Wyatt Westberry0.000.0088
Joe Lindler- Jospeh Metts0.000.0088
Ben Lee0.000.0088
Greg Sigmon – Paul Wells0.000.0088
Mike Allman – Jim Davis0.000.0088
Josh Kirby – Trevon Mode0.000.0088
Total Entrys$2,720.00
BONUS $$$750.00
Total Paid At Ramp$2,885.00
2021 Murray Spring Final Fund$485.00
2021 CATT Championship Fund$50.00
2021 Murray Spring Final Fund$485.00
2021  CATT /Phantom Championships$565.00


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