Next up on Santee Cooper we will host a few open events out of Packs Landing! $60 Entry with no membership! Tap on the link to view the schedule!

Wade Groom brought in 5 bass at 23.55 lbs taking 1st Place this past Saturday at the Santee Cooper Spring Final! Wade earned $3,150.00!

2nd went to Ava & Danny Lowery with a limit weighing 23.05 lbs worth $1,500.00!

Brent Riley & Nathan Burgess 3rd with 22.23 lbs!

Will Timmons & Bennet Lawshe 4th with 21.83 lbs!

Rodney Jordan with the 2dn Place BF!

Brian Scott & Brad Beatson were the Santee Cooper Point winners!

Wade Grooms5.6123.55$3,150.00
Danny Lowery – Ava Lowery6.5623.05$1,500.00
Brent Riley – Nathan Burgess0.0022.23$900.00
Will Timmons – Bennett Lawshe5.2721.83$500.00
Lex Costas – Xan Costas0.0020.08$300.00
Justin Cromer – Matt Ross6.0019.79$200.00
Robert Clarke0.0019.33
Brian Scott – Brad Beatson7.3219.04$230.00
Steve Harmon – Brian Cook4.6018.31
Mike Watson & Craig McFadden0.0017.57
Ray Walsh – Hunter Spivey6.7916.14
Todd Olds – Johnny Buck0.0015.61
Ronnie McCoy0.0014.79
Clark Gibbs – Freddie Gibbs5.3514.26
Elvis Peagler – Brian Peagler5.7013.77
Bryan Miller – Austin Miller0.0013.63
Garrett Brown – David Mattes5.4312.82
Horace Scott – Scott Spittle0.0012.58
Nelson Walker0.0012.50
Randall Barrineau – Wesley Barrineau4.6112.49
Rodney Jordan6.9512.04$100.00
Steve Borton – Dave Murdock3.1311.86
Mitch Drew – Kenny Drew0.0011.23
Max Terry – Jamie Glascock0.008.74
Billy Willis – Glen Porter0.000.00
Chris Crawford – Mike King0.000.00
Mack Altman – Randall Miller0.000.00
Horace Scott – Gordon Owens0.000.00
Ben Cox0.000.00
Casey Warren0.000.00
Don Pendarvis – Bobby Gibbs0.000.00
Mack Cook – Patrick Cook0.000.00
Chad Cook – Wyatt Cook0.000.00
Total Entrys$3,960.00
BONUS $$650.00
Santee Cooper Spring Final Fund$2,250.00
Total Paid At Ramp$6,880.00
Grand Total Paid Spring 2021 Santee Cooper$25,190.00


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