Wendell Ireland & Todd Anders Win CATT Lake Norman, NC Nov 9, 2019


Wendell Ireland & Todd Anders won on Norman with 5 bass weighing 11.99 lbs! They also brought in the BF at 4.33 lbs and took home the BONUS $ All total $1.200.00!


Matt Stout earned $375.00 with his 2nd Place finish! His limit weighed 11.62 lbs!

Craig Chambers & Derrick Cummings claimed 3rd with 10.81 lbs!

Michael Stevens finished 4th with 10.11 lbs!

25 TeamsBFWeightWinningsPoints
Wendell Ireland – Todd Anders4.3311.99$1,200.00110
Matt Stout3.3811.62$375.00109
Craig Chambers & Derrick Cummings3.3010.81$200.00108
Michael Stevens2.8010.11$110.00107
Adam Waters2.879.44$100.00106
Matt McBee2.199.31105
Jimmy & Alex Leshock2.569.21104
Aric Dwyer2.258.66103
Aarron Jordan2.198.40102
Mark Morrison – Cliff Kirby2.417.76101
Lance Eckford – Kevin Thomas0.007.63100
Greg & Gregory Mauldin2.147.0799
Mark Kershaw – Niko Romero2.047.0398
Boo Whitaker – John Miller (VET)0.005.9597
Tony Nelson2.505.5996
Brandon Borleis – John Michael Shenette0.005.5995
Joel Marcotte  (VET)0.005.0294
TJ Rumpf0.000.0093
Lester Elton – Chris Martin0.000.0093
Justin Locatis – Charlie Ponder0.000.0093
Bobby Snyder – Tim Cline0.000.0093
Chris Myatt – Andrew Shundich0.000.0093
Todd & Hayden Hammond0.000.0093
Keith Speece & Willie Norman0.000.0093
Troy & Fisher Armstrong0.000.0093
Total Entrys$2,000.00
BONUS $$475.00
Total Paid At Ramp$1,985.00
Norman FALL 2019 Final Fund$50.00
2020 CATT Championship/Phantom Fund$410.00
2019 Norman Fall Final Fund Total$1,670.00
2020 CATT Champ/Phantom  Fund Total$1,525.00


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