We wrapped up the Murray Spring Trail this past Saturday and concluded another great Spring! We may host an open here and there so be on the look out! Also we have secured the ramps at Dreher Island for this Fall to run our normal Fall Trail! We started the Lake Murray Fall Trail back in 2001 so this will be our 21st year!

Here’s the Murray Fall Dates we have secured!

Nov 5

Nov 12

Nov 19

Black Friday Open Nov 25

Dec 3

Dec 10

Dec 17 Fall Final!

We also secured Dec 31st but we will decide soon if we will hold an Open that day!

Wesley Sandifer & Jennings Greene took 1st Place at Murray with 5 bass weighing 21.44 lbs! They collected $2,2150.00!

Scott Roton & Johnny Mayer finished 2nd with 20.50 lbs! They took home $1,460.00!

Dave & Gunnar Franklin took 3rd with 19.79 lbs!

Jeremiah Jensen & Gage Spagnola weighed in the Academy BF at 5.66 lbs and earned a $25 Academy Gift Card!

Wesley Sandifer – Jennings Greene5.2121.44$2,250.00
Johhny Mayer – Scott Roton5.3920.50$1,460.00
Dave Franklin – Gunnar Franklin5.3119.79$750.00
Will Anderson – Kyle Anderson5.3819.31$305.00
Jeremiah Jensen – Gage Spagnola 5.6618.58$140.00
Les Westberry5.3418.10
Hampton Anderson – Tyler Alvanos4.5317.42
Kevin Fulmer – Tim Sox4.1117.25
Mark Krengel4.1416.72
Brandon Jeffcoat – Ryan Raley3.9616.19
Winston Husband0.0015.14
Ben Lee3.4014.67
Michael Stribble – Blake Stribble3.3514.50
Jim Davis – Josh Rennebaum3.7513.52
Mark Richardson  & Rhett Richardson0.000.00
Chad Hastings – Chris Neal0.000.00
David Farr0.000.00
Tray Grantham – Jonathan Stokes0.000.00
Steve Pizzino – Curtis Jones0.000.00
Bobby Martin – Mike Tyner0.000.00
Sean Anderson – George Berry0.000.00
Total Entrys$2,400.00
BONUS $$400.00
Lake Murray Spring Final Fund$2,115.00
Total Paid At Ramp$5,015.00
Total Paid Spring 2022 Lake Murray$24,530.00