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The world of professional bass fishing is enormous in scope and ever-changing. The landscape of the sport itself continually evolves, from day to day, and month to month. It seems as if the only constant truth is that as long as bass swim freely in our nation’s waters, there will always be a group of elite anglers seeking to top the leader board on any given weekend.

Without a doubt, professional bass fishing is as much a business, as it is a recreational endeavor. As such, top tier anglers push to further their careers, as they rightfully should. After all, many at the upper echelon of the sport rely upon their angling prowess and relationships with their sponsors to put food on the table and to keep the lights on.

In the midst of such dealings, much moving and shaking take place within the industry in any given month. For bass fishing die-hards the world over, events of this nature serve as noteworthy headlines. In short, those who loyally follow professional bass fishing, strive to stay abreast of all that is new and of significance in the sport.

We understand and empathize with this point. In fact, that is why The Hot Bite exists. The web is full of theoretical banter concerning the sport of bass fishing and the industry which surrounds it. However, many questions are left unanswered until the latest news surrounding events of pertinence actually take place.

This column will catalog these breaking stories, and ponder the questions that few others ask. Do you want to know who has jumped from the Elites to MLF, or vice versa? Maybe you simply need to be filled in on changes in angler sponsorship, and a little insight into why such changes might have taken place. Either way, The Hot Bite has you covered.

Be sure to check back weekly to stay on top of all that is late-breaking in the world of professional bass fishing. The Bass Cast and The Hot Bites are your sources for the latest in industry news, events, and more.


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