As we look back at the year 2017, we would like to first welcome all of our new followers and thank all of those that have followed our journey over the years, to a community that was created during a difficult time in my life and has now become what we hope will be your resource for all angling needs in 2018 & beyond.

The past years’ journey has taken us to places we thought would never. We had the opportunity to meet new friend’s as well as create new relationships in the business. With our trip to Icast 2017, I began my journey with Josh Roller & Bass Boat 4 Sale. What a journey that has become, to watch that company grow to what we hope will be your go-to site for selling your boat & buying a boat.

Our social media followers have been an inspiration as well. By spreading the word to all of our followers and you in turn giving your feedback to the direction that you would like to see the company go in 2018 & beyond, so a very special thanks to you all.

To all of our amazing Sponsors, we and I say thank you. Without your backing and willingness to help promote the sport of Bass Fishing we would not be able to do what we do, to travel to the events and to report and tell everyone about this great sport that we all love.

Last, but not least, my main man Bruce Callis has helped us go in directions I thought that we would never go with his amazing content & his willingness to do whatever it takes to make this journey be as smooth as possible we owe more then we could ever give to his wisdom & motivation to keep us going so Thank you Bruce.

Where will this Journey take all of us in 2018?

Thank You, everyone, see you all in 2018

Brian Carter







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