Will Dewey & Brogan Moore Win CATT Wateree Open July 21, 2018


** A team must fish 6 tournaments to qualify for the Wateree Open Final. A team that fishes 10 tournaments will receive FREE entry fee into the Opens Final! The team that finishes first in points in 2018 will fish the entire 2019 Wateree Open Schedule for FREE! There will be cash prizes for 2nd thru 6th in the point standings as well.

Next Wateree Open is August 11th!

Will Dewey & Brogan Moore made the trip down from Lake Wylie and boy was it worth it! Will & Brogan weighed in 5 bass at 12.84 lbs and also weighed in the 2nd BF at 4.37 lbs taking 1st Place and the BONUS $! They earned a total of $1,014.00!

Bobby Purvis & Matt Ross took 2nd with 12.35 lbs!

3rd wen to Brad Petway & Brett Collins with 110.60 lbs!

The BF of the day went to Jason Miles & Jerry Freezon   5.13 lbs!

Come join us on the 11th! You can pay at the ramp! No membership! $100.00 entry! $25 Optional BONUS!

18 TeamsBig
Will Dewey – Brogan Moore  BONUS $  2nd BF4.3712.84$1,014.00110
Bobby Purvis – Matt Ross3.8912.35$300.00109
Brad Petway – Brett Collins3.7311.60$125.00108
Craig Haven – Tim Haven2.8011.48107
Shane Cantley – Michael Richardson3.1511.00106
Jerry Freezon – Jason Miles   1st BF5.1310.93$126.00105
Chad Gainey – Mack Kitchens2.7310.11104
Jason McCoy – Buddy Hartis2.899.64103
Matt Nettles3.349.61102
Freddie Gibbs – Marshall Gandy3.049.22101
Tanner Fletcher – Katlyn2.368.22100
David F Canupp – David L Canupp2.566.6199
Steve Phillips – Jason Bateman0.004.2798
Alan Fletcher & Donald Hinson0.000.0097
Greg Corvin0.000.0097
Randy Weddington – Ronnie Smith0.000.0097
John Paul George – Jason Quinn0.000.0097
Walt Almond – Chad Rabon0.000.0097
2018 Wateree Open Final Fund$2,715.00
2018 Wateree Open Point Fund$1,145.00
**2017 Point Winners Free Entry
2018 Point Winners Fish 2019 Opens FREE!
Teams 2-6 In Points Receive $$



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