Next CATT Cooper River Fall Qualifier is Oct 9th at Cypress Gardens!

We had a great crowd this past Saturday with 32 teams entering the 2nd Cooper River Fall Qualifier! Will Smith & Bill Holmes came out on top with a fat sack of Cooper River Bass weighing up at 19.12 lbs! They also weighed in the Academy BF at 5.75 lbs and took home a total of $1,235.00!

2nd Place went to Kyle Welch & James Fender with 16.63 lbs!

3rd Place John Campbell 14.04 lbs!

4th Place Michael Craven & Justin Craven 13.32 lbs!

Jonathan Brindle & Justin Harvey claimed 5th with 12.13 lbs!

Last money paying place went to James Skelton with 11.80 lbs!

Will Smith Bill Holmes 5.7519.12$1,235.00110
James Fender Kyle Welch0.0016.63$285.00109
John Campbell0.0014.04$180.00108
Michael Craven Justin Craven0.0013.32$135.00107
Jonathan Brindle Justin Harvey0.0012.13$100.00106
James Skelton0.0011.80$75.00105
Joe Joseph Giampa0.0011.39104
David Driggers Darrell Glenn0.0010.87103
Clay Kolb Jeffrey Peralta0.0010.58102
Shawn Hanna Dale Hanna0.0010.47101
David Murdaugh Sr.0.0010.37100
Brian Surowiec Walt Cumbie0.009.2299
Edward Punchak Michael Dibello0.009.0498
Chris McCabe Jacob Hatcher0.009.0397
Johnny Watkins Aaron Watkins0.008.5596
Chris Blanchette Shawn Callihan0.008.4995
Matt Baker Charlie Baker0.007.7894
Glen Garner Ervin Garner0.007.6893
Mike Ard Jeff Parsons0.007.6392
Jeffery Mixson0.007.6091
Randy Gibson Bubba Dennis0.006.9590
Andy Rutledge0.006.7689
Charlene Leach Casey Leach0.006.2988
Chris Weaver Phillip Write0.004.8187
James Roy Jr Robison William Gregory0.000.0077
Willie Weatherford Carlos Canals0.000.0077
Paul Gaskins0.000.0077
Terry Silliman Mitchell Bowers0.000.0077
Matt Judy Danny Snider0.000.0077
Billy Brunson0.000.0077
Travis Gatlin Grant Powell0.000.0077
Total Entrys$1,600.00
BONUS $$575.00
Total Paid At Ramp$2,010.00
Cooper River 2021 Fall Final Fund$155.00
2022 CATT Championship Fund$10.00
Cooper River 2021 Fall Final Fund Total$265.00
2022 CATT Championship Fund$0.00


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