WOO Tungsten: Answering the question of size
by Bruce Callis
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For years we as anglers have struggled when it comes to telling what size weight we are using on our Texas rigged soft plastics. We had to depend on sorting them into different containers and marking the container with the size. But what about when we are changing them. A lot of times we don’t put them back in the container or we simply just don’t know the size. But finally help has arrived.

The days of the lead weight for bass fishing is slowly disappearing. Tungsten is by far the best weight for soft plastics. With it’s higher density and smaller compact size, we get more sensitivity and can now get a better feel for what we run into on the bottom. With the lead weights we grew up with, it was difficult to tell if it was a log or something else on the bottom, but tungeston transmits a better sound and feel to the user. You can now tell if it is a rock, a log, a root or something else on the bottom. Granted, the price difference is huge. But the benefits typically overshadow the prices.

One issue that we always had was the price we paid for painted tungsten weights and the susceptibility of them chipping. And WOO Tungsten has made it easier for us to know exactly which weight we are using with their new NEVER CHIP line of tungsten. The NEVER CHIP series is exactly what it sounds like. These weights never chip, ever. Instead of painting them black, they use a patented process so they get black and stay black, forever, regardless of what they are exposed to. Drag them over rocks, hit them with a hammer, you can even put them in a blender (something I truly do not recommend) and they will NEVER CHIP. Weight labels are incorporated into the NEVER CHIP and stamped directly to each weight. Thus helping those who are less organized or simply rushed to be able to recognize what weight they are using or about to put on their line.

When tungsten first came out, there we issues with the weights causing line fray from the paint that would chip, the weight had rough edges, or insert sleeve. But no worries with the NEVER CHIP series. There is no insert sleeve and the edges are nice and rounded, helping prevent unwanted line fray. By eliminating the insert in the weight, it also adds increased sensitivity by providing direct contact between the weight and the line.

The NEVER CHIP line of tungsten weights come in sizes from the 1/16th ounce all the way up to the heavy cover 2 ounce flipping weights, each stamped with the size on them. They cost from $4.99 for a 5 pack of 1/16th to $11.99 for a single 2 ounce weight on the WOO website, https://wootungsten.com/collections/neverchip and can also be found at Tackle Warehouse https://www.tacklewarehouse.com/WOO_Tungeston_Never_Chip_Flipping_Weights/descpage-WTNC.html ranging from $4.99 to $11.99 also.

Make sure to up your game with the use of tungsten weights and make sure to stay ahead of your competition by using these sweet NEVER CHIP WOO Tungsten flipping weights.


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