YUM Tip Toad Review By Walker Smith

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Ever since I got on the best toad bite of my life last year, I have been addicted to this technique. I love to cover water quickly and this type of bait allows you to churn and burn through areas while experiencing some of the nastiest blowups of your life. In my honest opinion, I think toad strikes are much more aggressive than hollow-bodied frog blowups simply because the bass think it’s getting away from them. These types of baits trigger that primal instinct which results in ticked off bass and heart-stopping topwater explosions. 

I’ve had an opportunity to thoroughly test the YUM Tip Toad this summer and the bass have been absolutely choking it. It gets downright hot in my area and although the fishing has been quite difficult, the Tip Toad has been one of my most consistent producers over the last few months. 


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