What a year on the Waccamaw River! 2021 CATT Payback on the Waccamaw River — $61,585.00! Thanks to Chris Jones for running the CATT Trail on the Waccamaw River!

The 2022 Waccamaw River Summer Trail Schedule is posted on the Waccamaw River Division page! PLUS the 2022 Phantom Outdoors Invitational Waccamaw River is schedule for July 22, 2022 launching out of Bucksport Marina

Zach Fryer & Greg McKelvey weighed in 5 bass at 14.05 lbs earning them the win PLUS they weighed in the Academy BF at 6.82 lbs! All total Zack & Greg took home $3,150.00!

Britt Brown & Danny Martin earned 2nd Place with 5 bass weighing 13.97 lbs worth $1,100.00!

3rd went to Ben Harmon & John Wilocks with 13.85 lbs! They collected $700.00

Ed Owens & Chris Jones claimed 4th with 13.18 lbs and they earned $600.00! Ed & Chris were also our 2021 Waccamaw River Points Champs!

2nd BF went to RD Prince & Anthony Lee with a 4.31 lb bass!

Zack Fryer & Greg McKelvey6.8214.05$3,150.00
Danny Martin & Britt Brown4.1213.97$1,100.00
John Wilocks & Ben Harmon4.0613.85$700.00
Chris Jones & Ed Owens3.2013.18$600.00
Casey Warren & Nick Anderson3.3011.99$250.00
JD Farrand & Casey Stamey2.8111.86$150.00
Ryan Thompson & John Ferralasco3.0611.74
RD Prince & Anthony Lee4.3111.70$110.00
Johnny Johnson & Wesley Howell3.4011.19
Steve & Jacob Martin2.9111.13
Mark & Kyle Johnson4.2010.68
Reid McDowell & Danny Allen0.0010.62
Darren Cook & Peter Horne2.7010.14
Shawn Todd & Keaton Harrelson3.509.74
Robby Byrum & Eric Cox3.289.60
O’Joe Gabella & Lee Floyd0.009.45
Timmy Squirers & Seth Rabon3.169.29
Scott & Andrew McCellan0.008.97
Charles Fryer & Rich Gade0.008.91
Timmy Williamson2.988.90
Mike Gerald & Jesse Norris0.008.84
Jesse & Keith Harrold0.008.73
Matthew & Terry Goheen0.007.60
Cody Squirers & Dillon Thomson0.000.00
John Proctor & Jacob Barfield0.000.00
Ron Terwilliger0.000.00
Robbie Boyd & Dalton Warren0.000.00
Richard McConnell & Brian Howard0.000.00
Benny Carter0.000.00
Johnny Duarte0.000.00
John Alford & Glenn Altman0.000.00
Cody & Jerry Edwards0.000.00
Total Entrys$3,790.00
Final Fund$1,790.00
2021 Waccamaw River Final Total Payback$6,060.00
2021 Waccamaw River FALL  Total Payback$19,825.00
2021 GRAND TOTAL Waccamaw River Payback$61,585.00