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Tube-X and Creature-X by Vertical Lures – By Mark Bilbrey


Tube-X and Creature-X by Vertical Lures,

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securedownload2.jpg Soft plastic baits have been part of the fishing industry and in fishermen, tournament professional and guides, tackle boxes since the late 50s. Bass fishermen started with a hook and a worm that was hard and rubbery, lacking silicon, this category of lures has evolved to be more realistic in texture, color and action that better imitates baitfish, worms, lizards, insects, salamanders, craws and other natural aquatic crawly creatures. Innovative companies such as Vertical Lures has taken the soft plastic creatures to the next level in artificial evolution with their Tube-X and Creature-X that are proving their place in the industry one tournament at a time.


 No special rod and reel is required for fishing the Tube-X and Creature-X by Vertical Lures, and they have several ways to rig them to a fishing line, monofilament (mono), fluorocarbon or braided line to catch fish.


These baits can be flipped, pitched, swam, Carolina rigged, Texas rigged, drop shot, or wacky rigged the possibilities are endless as anglers use sinkers, floats, split rings, beads, snaps and swivels to attach them in various different ways. Some add spinners or rattles to fish them deep or shallow to match the conditions and cover including weeds, trees, grass, and milfoil. Sight fishing for bedding bass in the spring, or shaky heads for summer ledges and even through the fall and winter these Creature X and Tube X boat bass year round. These soft plastic innovations are catching fish in fresh and in salt water. Available in colors suited for clear, tinted, stained, mercy or muddy water.

Tube-X Hybrid Tubessecuredownload5.jpg

 The solid head, hollow body and action of this hybrid tube make ideal for flippin’ and pitchin’. Slip a Rattle-X into the hollow body for a ‘click clack’ fish can’t resist.





securedownload3.jpg The wait is over. The return of the Creature-X is here. Get your hands on this patented design creature bait to torment bedding bass and X- ‘em big boys out of any cover.

Learn more about these baits at: http://verticallures.com/


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