Darren Saunders and Dave Parker Win CATT Tidewater Perquimans River, NC April 22, 2023


Our next team tournament will be May 13 on Pasquotank River.

The third tournament of the year in the CATT Tidewater Division started out With a beautiful sunrise and a slight breeze. Shortly thereafter I would have to say that the sound got angry my friends! We had a quite a few teams push the limits of there equipment and stamina by taking on the rough conditions. Many of those teams chose to not make the run back.

The Team of Darren Saunders and Dave Parker took a risk running out this morning but made that payoff in a big way with a 23.49lb bag that took first place and a $2250 payday.

The team of Michael Evans and Brian Meadows kept it close with 22.52lbs and a $800 check for there efforts. The following teams rounded out the $ winners.

3rd Jeff Hayden/Derek Hayden 20.19 lbs and 1st big Fish 8.87lbs.

4th Gary Debrito/Derek Goodman 19.00 lbs

5th Nathan Welch/Ethan Welch 18.85lbs

6th Bubba Banks/Tommy Banks 18.75lbs

7th Brian Richardson 17.81lbs

8th Jobie Walker/Chris Napier 17.28 lbs

Josh Powell had the second big fish weighing 7.11 lbs.

Darren Saunders/ Dave Parker6.6723.49$2,250.00110
Michael Evans/ Brian Meadows6.3922.52$800.00109
Jeff Hayden/ Derek Hayden 8.8720.19$787.00108
Gary Debrito/ Derek Goodman6.0119.00$350.00107
Nathan Welch/ Ethan Welch6.3018.85$280.00106
Bubba Banks/ Tommy Banks5.3618.75$200.00105
Brian Richardson6.0617.81$150.00104
Jobie Walker/ Chris Napier7.0417.28$120.00103
Randy Broughman/ Ryan Broughman4.6516.93102
Jim Dick/ Greg Dick4.7815.75101
Brian Jackson/ Billy Saunders6.6915.21100
Ronnie Ketchum/ Benny Hendricks5.0015.1599
Russell Gammon0.0014.5298
Scott Rock/Josh Powell7.1114.17$123.0097
Ray Cobb/ Mark Moretz0.0014.1096
Quintin Chappell/ Chris Turner0.0013.7495
Rick Plemons/ Chris Pike0.0013.5694
William Chappell/ Mike Winthe6.6813.1093
David Shaffer/ Scott Shaffer0.0013.0992
Brian Cooper/ Heath Parker0.0012.8191
Nick Meek/ Kyle Verkullen0.0012.6690
Jordan Sanderlin/ Andrew George0.0012.5989
Wayne Hayes/ Andy Morath0.0012.2088
Lloyd Sanderlin/ John Sanderlin5.1811.8787
Alan Meads/ Chris Meads0.0011.6586
Eugene Foushee/Aaron Herschberger0.0010.8085
Douglas Hewitt/William Heighter0.0010.7684
Al Biagioni0.0010.4383
Steve Brickhouse/James Williams0.0010.2482
Bob Clarkson/Mark Ingram0.0010.1881
Bob Gomez/Eddie Tipton0.0010.1780
Chris Banks/ Zachery Meads0.008.1979
Matt Anderson0.007.6178
Keith Jennings0.004.7577
Kirk Nixon/ Trent Nixon0.000.0067
Kenneth Moore/Joseph Eure0.000.0067
ShawnDunlap/ Ken Kipler0.000.0067
Tommy Houlroyd0.000.0067
Michael Kellett0.000.0067
Brent Thomas/ Ethan Thomas0.000.0067
Hunter Holloman/Bryan Hendricks0.000.0067
Total Entrys$4,920.00
BONUS $$650.00
Total Paid At Ramp$5,060.00
2023 Tidewater Final Fund$385.00
2023 CATT Championship Fund$75.00
2023 Tidewater Final Fund Total$1,185.00

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