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More Than What’s On The Label


More Than What’s On The Label
SRD20’s Boat Care Products work wonders on your boat and eco-friendly at the same time.
Lafayette, LA (December 20, 2023) – Like getting your car or truck detailed, the feeling of fishing or relaxing in a clean boat is hard to beat—especially when you do the work yourself.But it can be a hard decision to pick out the right soaps, wax, and surface finishing products with so many options on store shelves. And for most of us anglers and boaters, in a perfect world, we’d like to choose the most eco-friendly boat care products available.While lots of sprays, soaps, and other products claim “natural” ingredients and splash big, eye-catching logos on bottles, there’s a lot more to being really eco-friendly than what’s on the label. 
“It can be hard to determine which boat care products are more or less harmful to the environment,” says SRD20 founder, Stewart Delcambre “And then there’s the processing that creates the materials that goes into the products. That can vary a lot in terms of being eco-friendly.”Unlike a lot of boat care formulas out there, American-made SRD20 uses ingredients and processes those ingredients in a manner that minimizes any potential environmental issues. For starters, SRD20 does not use solvents, opting primarily for water-based mixes and mild oils.SRD20’s Pink Soap— the central component to their complete boat care system—“is one of the of the most environmentally-friendly and biodegradable soaps that you can find on the market. It’s ‘harbor safe’ so you can use it over water,” says Delcambre.
SRD20’s Waterless Wash and Wax is also eco-friendly because you don’t have to use the gallons and gallons of water it would take with other products to do the same job.The last step in their boat cleaning kit process, SRD20 Graphene boat finishing surface protectant was designed to be safer to the environment than competitive products. So, over time, as your boat finish disintegrates into the waterways you enjoy, you don’t have to worry about pollution. “We’ve strived to create something better from day 1. Every time we have a choice in formula ingredients we always choose that one that is most eco-friendly,” adds Delcambre.And not only does SRD20 strive to produce eco-friendly products, their greater mission is to teach anglers and boaters that using SRD20’s complete boat care system leads to increased boat lifespan, keeping more vessels out of the landfill. 
“We help boaters prolong their paint job, gel coat, and the overall look of the boat which leads to a longer lifespan for that vessel,” offers Delcambre. Ultimately, the SRD20 story is about one company’s choice to go a sometimes more expensive path in product design in a small attempt to help protect our waterways and fisheries. The company’s waterless formulas and straight protectants are made with the most eco-friendly ingredients that can be sourced and still offer excellent protection. Also, SRD20’s Pink Soap is designed to be used over water and biodegrade. What’s that mean to the average angler or boater?It means that when staring at a shelf of boat cleaning products, choosing SRD20 will not only keep your boat looking sparkly and new, it’ll keep your local waterways and environment free of harsh chemicals and byproducts—a future we all want as avid anglers and boaters. Sounds like a win-win. All SRD20 products are made in the USA and are available at and select retail locations. Some formulas are also available on

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