Join The Share Team

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Attention Anglers,

Bass Cast cordially invites you to join its dynamic team! Recognized as one of the leading Bass fishing websites, we are currently seeking to significantly expand our cohort of share members.

You may wonder, “What is a share member?” In essence, share members serve in a unique capacity as collaborative supporters who augment and fortify the Bass Cast community. This sterling team consists of anglers spanning across the United States, each adopting a common belief in the mission of Bass Cast. Additionally, they share a mutual sentiment for heightening the engagement among their followers, in part by sharing our insightful content and connecting over the thrilling aspects of bass fishing.

The ideal candidates are daily active users on two or more social media platforms, exhibiting a consistent habit of sharing a minimum of two posts daily. Refer below for a comprehensive list of the qualities we covet in prospective share members.

So, why join our team? By collaboratively aligning with the Bass Cast family, you receive an opportunity to significantly grow your social media following, generate fresh ideas, and partake in lively conversations about Bass fishing with team.

Upon reviewing the social media content of selected candidates, we will officially enlist you to our team. Subsequently, each new member will receive exclusive Bass Cast merchandise, featuring a limited-edition Bass Cast hat and a Bass Cast sticker, symbolizing your membership after your days being on the team.

Furthermore, after a membership period of 60 days, you will become eligible to participate in our internal contests, crafted exclusively for our team members.

Please review the qualifications listed below. If it appears you are an ideal fit, we encourage you to advance to the next stage by filling out our application form. Upon receipt, our staff will promptly review your submission and respond accordingly.

Thank you for your interest, and we look forward to further exploring the potential for this exciting partnership.

– Passion for bass fishing: Candidates should have a strong interest in bass fishing and be familiar with the industry.

– Social media presence: Candidates should have an active presence on social media platforms relevant to the industry.

– Engaged audience: Candidates should have an audience that regularly interacts with their content.

– Communication skills: Candidates should have excellent communication skills and be able to engage with your team and audience in a professional and effective manner.

– Alignment with brand values: This website is not only a platform for promoting bass fishing; it’s a reflection of our collective passion for the sport. We proudly foster a culture of kindness and professionalism and these values are intrinsically linked to how we perceive and promote our brand’s profile. We expect every interaction, both internally within the team and externally with our team members, to reflect this enthusiasm, courtesy, and professional ethos. We appreciate your assistance in preserving these brand values as we propagate the sport of bass fishing.