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Unforgettable Interview: Fred Roumbanis, MLF Bass Pro Shops Angler, on the Chowan River


Overcoming Challenges and Achieving Success
In the world of competitive fishing, one name that stands out is Fred Roumbanis. Recently, Fred participated in a thrilling fishing tournament on the Chowan River. Despite being hit by a drunk driver on the way to the tournament that totaled his boat, he showcased his determination and skill by finishing in the top 10. Let’s dive into Fred’s journey, his challenges, and his triumphs.

A Setback Turns into an Opportunity:
Fred began his story by mentioning the accident he had prior to the tournament. Although shaken up, he didn’t let it deter him from pursuing his passion for fishing. Phoenix Boats, a company he works with, came to his rescue and provided him with a new boat. This act of kindness allowed Fred to focus on the tournament and put aside his worries about insurance and other complications.

The Yamamoto Sensei Worm: A Game-Changing Bait:
Fred’s success in the tournament can be attributed, in part, to the bait he used – the Yamamoto Sensei worm. This new creation from Yamamoto tackled the challenges of the river with ease. Its unique formula and plum candy color proved irresistible to the fish. Fred shared that this bait’s neutral buoyancy and softness made it a one-fish bite wonder. Despite going through five packs of worms, he managed to secure one pack for the final day that help him take home $16K.

Looking Ahead to the James River Tournament:
As the interview progressed, Fred discussed his excitement for the upcoming tournament on the James River. He mentioned that this river is more influenced by wind-driven tides. Understanding the importance of timing and staying within specific bite windows, Fred drew parallels to his experience fishing on the California delta. He emphasized the advantage of being able to run the river and stay on a productive bite window throughout the day.

Lessons Learned and Gratitude Expressed:
Throughout the interview, Fred emphasized the importance of staying positive, enjoying the journey, and embracing challenges. He shared his gratitude for the opportunities he has been given, including the support of Phoenix Boats and the chance to compete in the tournaments he loves.

Fred’s fishing adventure on the Choan River showcased his resilience and determination. Despite facing a setback, he persevered and secured a spot in the top 10. He credited his success to the support he received, the innovative Yamamoto Sensei worm, and his ability to adapt to changing fishing conditions. As the James River tournament approaches, Fred remains enthusiastic and ready to tackle new challenges. We look forward to seeing him continue to make waves in the world of competitive fishing.

PHOTO Courtesy of MLB

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