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Jarrett Edwards’ 11-Pound 6-Ounce Colorado Bass Monster



In 1997, angler Jarrett Edwards accomplished an extraordinary feat by catching the largest largemouth bass ever recorded in the state of Colorado. This massive fish, weighing an incredible 11 pounds and 6 ounces, was caught at Echo Canyon Reservoir in Archuleta County.

The Record Catch

Landing a bass of this size is a rare and impressive accomplishment. Largemouth bass are a popular sportfish found in many lakes and rivers across North America, but they seldom reach weights over 10 pounds. The average size is typically between 2-5 pounds.

Edwards’ 11-pound 6-ounce largemouth bass shattered the previous Colorado state record, which stood at 10 pounds 8 ounces for nearly two decades prior. His catch was officially certified as the new state record by the Colorado Parks and Wildlife agency.

Holding a State Record

When an angler catches a fish that exceeds the existing state record for that species, they can submit an application to have their catch officially recognized. State wildlife agencies maintain databases of record fish catches as a way to promote recreational fishing and track the health of fish populations.

Having your name inscribed in the state record books for a particular species is considered a major accomplishment for any angler. It requires a combination of skill, knowledge of the fish’s behavior and habitat, proper equipment, and a little bit of luck on the day of the catch.

About Jarrett Edwards

Little is publicly known about Jarrett Edwards outside of his record largemouth bass caught at Echo Canyon Reservoir. He appears to be a dedicated and experienced angler from Colorado who fishes the lakes and reservoirs around the state. Landing an 11+ pound largemouth is the dream for any bass fisherman.

How the Record Was Caught

The specifics of how Edwards caught his record fish are unclear from available information. However, some key factors that likely contributed include:

Location – Echo Canyon Reservoir provided excellent bass habitat with vegetation, structure, and ample forage for large bass to thrive.

Timing – Largemouth spawn in late spring, so this catch may have come during the spawning season when big females move shallow and are more active.

Tackle – Heavy line, robust rod and reel were necessary to land such a large bass. Live bait like crayfish or frogs are common baits for trophy bass.

Skill – Hooking and landing a double-digit bass requires excellent angling abilities like properly setting the hook, patient fighting, and careful handling of the fish.

While the story behind this specific catch is limited, Jarrett Edwards’ 11-pound 6-ounce largemouth bass cemented his name in Colorado’s fishing record books and inspired anglers hoping to catch their own dream bass. It serves as a testament to the excellent bass fishing available in the state.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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