Thursday, July 25, 2024

Duane Hodge & Brad Colgin win CATT James River, VA June 8, 2024


Next James River CATT Qualifier is July 2oth at Hopewell!

Must fish 3 of 7 Qualifiers to Fish Final Fishing solo or with a sub will count towards teams qualification!
Fishing solo once & with sub once counts toward teams Qualification

James River Final is October 5-6 at Hopewell!
$5,000 MINIMUM 1st Place!

Duane Hodge & Brad Colgin with the James Rier with 5 bass weighing 19.45 lbs worth $2,000.00!

Chuck Comer & Don Warren took 2nd Place with 5 bass weighing 18.55 lbs! They earned $1,900.00!

Audi Murphy & Monte Aleman 3rd Place with a limit weighing 17.29 lbs! They collected $1,420.00!

BF Winners Dave Carney–John Dunn 5.87 lbs!

Duane Hodge–Brad Colgin5.8419.45$2,000.00110
Chuck Comer –Don Warren5.1218.55$1,900.00109
Audie Murphy–Monte Aleman5.1817.29$1,420.00108
Jared Williams–Guy Fairweather0.0017.23$980.00107
Cody Wilson–Kevin Cooley0.0016.72$525.00106
Rick Mistr–Tom Owens5.0116.49$375.00105
Ryan–Wayne Drewery0.0016.33$340.00104
Trey Goodman–Tim Chaffin0.0016.29$275.00103
Dave Carney–John Dunn5.8715.82$925.00102
Clay Lewis–Greg Cooper0.0015.70$200.00101
Luke–Logan Carson0.0015.46$175.00100
Jeffery Valentin–Daryl Moody0.0015.20$155.0099
Stacy Vasser–Kevin Davis0.0015.01$135.0098
Cory Dunnavant–Kennon Ball5.7914.83$120.0097
Jared Sutton–Aidyn Tucker0.0014.8296
Noah Adkins–Wesley Farmer0.0014.7595
James–Matthew Funk0.0014.6594
Howard Austin–Mark Austin0.0014.5393
Brandon–Cody Casey0.0014.5092
Barry Brandt Jr.–Robert Brandt0.0014.1591
Michael Shears–Anthony Pascall5.5114.0890
Ryan–Danny Grattan0.0013.8289
Calvin Carabin–Danyan Winn0.0013.7688
Jacob Reid–Ryan Smith0.0013.6487
Jeff Salmon0.0013.3586
Kelly Robinette–David Barlow0.0013.3485
Brandon Coffey–Bubba Whitehurst0.0013.2184
Ron Studer–Jimmy Seay4.9813.0183
Eric Picucci–Micah Miten0.0012.7882
Jamie Nealy– Greg Ball0.0012.7081
Nicolas Bodsford–Fredrick Cumbea0.0012.6680
Jerry Hammitt0.0012.5679
Michael McCrickard0.0012.4778
Tripp Mistr–Morgan Mistr0.0012.4377
Rodney Wells–Michael Irizarry0.0012.2976
Joesph Carr–Bob Timberlake0.0012.2875
James Tilley–Andy Walker0.0012.2474
Frank Poirer–Brian Durham0.0012.2373
Paul Martin–DJ Johnson0.0012.1972
Blake–Cody Condry0.0012.1971
Joey Cooke–Justin Hall0.0011.9770
Jeff Wedlow–Paul Morris0.0011.9769
Tommy Little–Burley Langford0.0011.8968
Zach–Larry Whitt0.0011.8667
Ed– Ed Jordan0.0011.8366
Richard Rodriguez Jr–Charles Rackley0.0011.6865
Sam Pollock0.0011.5664
Charles Rammer–Ernest Revel0.0011.5363
Mike Coleman–Tracy Gravely0.0011.3662
Jesse Severt–Hunter Crowder0.0011.3261
Donnie Meade–Travis Daniels0.0011.0560
Billy Allen–Craig Cheek0.0010.9559
Mike Hall–Donnie Hughes3.7210.7658
Brian Brooks0.0010.3857
Bryan Keane–Craig Vaughn0.0010.1756
Willy Hicks0.009.9855
Joey– Chris DeLuke0.009.6354
Harvey Reese–Tim Tate0.009.3753
Keith Smith0.009.2952
CJ–Curtis Combs0.009.0551
Avery Neely–Chris Fiore0.000.0041
Ron Woodfin–Chris Gammon0.000.0041
Jake–Jesse Kidd0.000.0041
Clay– Craig Ferguson0.000.0041
Ricky Meyers–Dale Cook0.000.0041
Billy Orr–Jon Parson0.000.0041
Eddie Griggs–Eric Rowe0.000.0041
Matt Bernhard–Chuck Shultz0.000.0041
Thomas–TJ Melton0.000.0041
Micky Anderson0.000.0041
Total Entrys$8,280.00
BONUS $$1,850.00
Total Paid At Ramp$9,525.00
2024 James River Spring Final Fund$505.00
2025 CATT Championship Fund$50.00
2024 James River Spring Final Fund Total$1,815.00

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